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Welcome to, your one-stop shop for not just the latest listings from the Phoenix real estate market but analysis and information on the Phoenix market.

We give you real estate strategies for both buyers and sellers – all without the high-pressure sales tactics you’ve most likely come to expect from real estate agents working for commissions.

My goals are simple – to utilize my experience and technological expertise to help you, the home buyer and seller, save both time and money when buying or selling Phoenix real estate.

In so doing, I want to become not only your REALTOR of choice but the agent of choice for your friends and family, the agent you reflexively recommend just as you would your favorite restaurant, a movie, or a service technician. At its heart, my business is a “By Referral” business so as to provide the best possible service for my circle of clients and their friends and family.


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Everybody Love Everybody

A week or two ago, in a broker licensing class regarding the Fair Housing Act, the instructor said something interesting. His theory was that the more we as a society are forced to get along, the better we seem to get along. It sounded great but, honestly, it doesn’t seem to hold true. Fair Housing class was a three-hour exposition on the various ways through American history where discrimination was not only allowed but written into the fabric of the nation’s laws. Start with the obvious – the Constitution itself, which counted blacks as partial humans and excluded blacks, women […]

State of the Phoenix Real Estate Market

There are a few things happening in the Phoenix real estate market that, for those with a sense of the past, could possibly cause a little bit of heartburn … At the moment, there are just over 12,000 single-family detached homes for sale in Maricopa County which, for long-time readers will know, is an area the size of New Jersey. There have been about 6,300 sales over the past 30 days – not nearly as high as the 7,800 back in 2005 and far off the depths of the market after the bubble burst. At that sales pace, there’s about […]

The Most Significant Change to the Arizona Real Estate Contract

Once upon a time, there were certain items that a seller warranted were in working condition when a home went under contract using the Arizona Association of Realtors’ Residential Purchase Contract, items that weren’t subject to the usual repair negotiations that take place during most escrows. If these weren’t working, the seller had to disclose that information and the buyer would have to say they were fine with the knowledge. The short version of the list was all of the major systems of the house except for the roof. For those who like detail, here was the actual rundown from […]

Foodie Friday – Oink Cafe

I sing to thee a song of pork. Of incredible flavors of veritable flights of bacon. I speak, of course, of The Oink Cafe. They had me at bacon. But there’s so much more to the breakfast and lunch menus. What you see over on the right side is the Tempe Sunrise omelet – three eggs, chorizo and green chiles topped with a ranchero hollandaise sauce that, frankly, I want to eat on almost everything I ever eat again. It’s that ridiculously delicious. For those who haven’t been ordered by their cardiologist to watch their carb intake, there also is […]

Foodie Friday – Rogue Tomato

Let’s talk about a hidden gem on the outskirts of Glendale’s Arrowhead Ranch area. The most damning thing I have seen written wasn’t about the Rogue Tomato itself, but rather the fact it was trapped in Glendale rather than living life as the author thought it should along Phoenix’s north central neighborhoods. (I have some choice words for that reviewer, but that’s another story.) The truth of the matter, though, is the Rogue Tomato bears a strong resemblance to the laid-back, food-driven restaurants usually found closer to north central Phoenix. It occupies the far end of a strip shopping center, […]

Foodie Fridays – Revolu

Life begins with a queso taco. There are some – scientists, clerics, etc. – who may disagree with this assertion. While technically they may be correct, whatever your life was before the moment you walk into Revolu in Peoria and take the first bite into the cheesy bit of heaven known as queso taco, your existence begins anew. Revolu opened a few months ago on the southern end of Peoria’s P83 district – essentially, the area south of Arrowhead Towne Center along 83rd Avenue – taking over the location previously held by one of our favorites, the Barrel Grill. For […]

Coming Soon: Foodie Fridays

My wife and I are eternally in search of new restaurants to try and, whenever possible, we shoot for locally-owned places because we know how challenging it can be for a small business owner to keep the doors open, especially in an arena as competitive as the restaurant industry. Every now and then through the years I’ve written about places but, thanks to the emergence of several locally-owned restaurants here in the Glendale and Peoria area (not to mention our own ventures into Phoenix’s central corridor), I thought this would be the time to make it a weekly feature. Besides […]

Blast from the Past

I’ve spent the past several days working through 404 and 301 errors and redirecting pages to the new format brought on by the switch in IDX providers. In the process, I’ve uncovered a small treasure trove of old and older posts, some of which still strike a chord for me today as they did when they were written, so I thought I’d bring them back to the top. This post originally was written in October 2013: Part of me wants to say I’m at a loss for words, but the complete opposite is true. After writing about the passing of […]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes … Once Again

Here we go again … my apologies to the folks who are used to searching for homes here, as there’s going to be a bit of a disruption going on. The shortest of short versions is I wasn’t particularly satisfied with some of the features (or lack thereof) of the home search provided by my prior IDX company, so I’ve moved on to another. Which means I’m in the process of rebuilding things all over again for the second time in a year. It’s not all bad. Sometimes, it’s necessary to not just prune but also slash and burn one’s […]

Politics and the Housing Market

Don’t worry. I’ll not be spending any time discussing, critiquing or otherwise devoting time to all that is happening in the world of United States politics. Well, except for this. We are in a time of great uncertainty. The stock markets soar and fade with every statement issued from Washington, every executive order. Much of the turbulence comes from speculation of what might happen versus the things that already taking place which, in many ways, makes the volatility even more sincere. For my Canadian readers, who can say which direction the US dollar will go in the coming months as […]

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