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We give you real estate strategies, market analysis and insights for both buyers and sellers – all without the high-pressure sales tactics you’ve most likely come to expect from real estate agents working for commissions.

My goals are simple – to utilize my experience and technological expertise to help you, the home buyer and seller, save both time and money when buying or selling Phoenix real estate.

In so doing, I want to become not only your REALTOR of choice but the agent of choice for your friends and family, the agent you reflexively recommend here in the Phoenix real estate market, just as you would your favorite restaurant, a movie, or a service technician. At its heart, my business is a “By Referral” business so as to provide the best possible service for my circle of clients and their friends and family.

I have made the Phoenix area my home for the past 40 years, living both east and west of Central Avenue. Allow me the chance to help you find your next home here in the Valley as well.

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Recent from the blog 

Solar Eclipse in Phoenix Today

We reached about 65 to 70 percent totality here in the Phoenix area. Focus on the blue globes – those are projections through the trees with the leaves serving as pinhole projectors. Without further ado …  

Fun with Streets and Sections

This may qualify under the category of “win a beer at bar” level trivia and it could be you need to be quite the dork to care, but here’s something interesting that I learned this week in broker licensing classes. The greater Phoenix area’s are built on a grid system. This, at the risk of understatement, is the greatest invention in the history of mankind, though my opinion could be colored by my own adventures attempting to get around non-grid areas like Minneapolis in the past. Numbered streets at to the east of Central Avenue, numbered avenues to the west […]

Everybody Love Everybody

A week or two ago, in a broker licensing class regarding the Fair Housing Act, the instructor said something interesting. His theory was that the more we as a society are forced to get along, the better we seem to get along. It sounded great but, honestly, it doesn’t seem to hold true. Fair Housing class was a three-hour exposition on the various ways through American history where discrimination was not only allowed but written into the fabric of the nation’s laws. Start with the obvious – the Constitution itself, which counted blacks as partial humans and excluded blacks, women […]

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