10 Things Your Real Estate Agent Did For You

With so much of the focus in the online real estate space falling on listings data, I thought it might be worth passing along where an agent’s true value – my true value – comes along. (Hint – it ain’t from having access to the same set of inventory as every other agent out there.)

  1. When you were selling your house and the buyer asked for virtually no repairs and absolutely no ticky-tack items? That was my prepping the buyers’ agent ahead of time about what repairs you might or might not be willing to make.
  2. When your FHA appraisal didn’t come through and the bank selling the home lowered the purchase price to appraised value even though there’s no contractual obligation to do so? That was me working with the listing agent to make sure the asset manager understands how little leverage he or she has once an FHA appraisal is complete.
  3. When your home sold above the recent comps and still hit the number for the appraisal? That was me getting the right price on it from the get go.
  4. When someone stole the oven out of the HUD house and HUD shrugged? That was me writing a check to cover the cost of the oven out of my own pocket.
  5. When your below-market offer got accepted anyway, even in a market where values are starting to climb and demand is high? That was me negotiating on your behalf and positioning your offer in the best possible light.
  6. When the exact home you’re looking for comes on the market and you hear about it that day? That’s me jumping into the listings – the real listings in the MLS, not Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make Believe on Trulia and Zillow – and getting you the information ASAP.
  7. When you purchase a home in a retirement community and there are fees that don’t appear on TruZilia and you’re not surprised? That was me providing you the accurate information up front.
  8. And when you don’t necessarily have to pay all those fees? That’s me putting my experience to work to best craft your offer so your out-of-pocket expenses are limited.
  9. When you find yourself overwhelmed by the process, wondering why this person and that person isn’t moving as quickly as you might like? That’s me calming you down and explaining how the process works and re-setting expectations appropriately.
  10. And when you go to Trulia Voices and get a half-dozen different opinions from agents in five different states who have never been to Arizona much less learned our real estate laws and customs and you can’t figure out what’s right or wrong? I’m the one with the real answers – maybe not what you need to hear, but absolutely what you need to know.

Disintermediate that, kids.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at allphoenixrealestate.com.


  • HowardArnoff 6 years ago

    JD, I love your top 10 lists and I couldn’t figure out the Mr. Rogers pic rather than Letterman but you worked it in beautifully especially in light of the current brouhaha.

  • VickiLloyd 6 years ago

    I will link to this.  Love it! 
    Thanks Jonathan!

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