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USS Stennis in San Diego

While having lunch at Bali Hai on San Diego’s Shelter Island, we were able to look across the water and see the USS Midway – now a museum – and also the USS Stennis. As we were getting ready to leave my wife noticed the Stennis was in motion and on its way out. What […]

Barbados Soccer and Phoenix Real Estate

Last night I finally had the chance to watch last weekend’s World Cup qualifier between the United States and Barbados – a 1-0 victory for the Americans after winning 8-0 in Carson, California the week before. Barbados’ national side combines a couple of professional players with some semi-pros and several amateurs who took time off […]

Welcome Home to Phoenix

Nothing says vacation has ended like coming home from San Diego to temps in the one-teens and a house without a working air conditioner with temps in the high 90s. Fortunately, both beagles were well watered and were fine and after jiggling a switch for a while (and waiting for a few hours as the […]

Best of Dalton’s Arizona Homes: Nordstroms and Real Estate

We’ll wrap up this week’s trip down memory lane with my personal favorite from my old blog on RealTown … The lesson, now as then? You get what you pay for. This article originally posted on October 18, 2006: Yesterday there was a fairly spirited debate about the future of real estate commissions, particulary on […]

Quoted in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix

We briefly interrupt the regularly scheduled programming for this article in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix – Saskatoon Residents find Arizona Opportunity – in which I was quoted. Fifteen minutes on the phone as the wife, kids and my mom walk down the beach to Belmont Park and I’m trapped on the patio … all for […]

Best of Dalton’s Arizona Homes: Real Estate Reform

Has anything changed over the past two years? There are fewer active agents now than the two years ago but that hasn’t necessarily raised the overall competency level. Training still remains an issue … last night’s happy hour conversation dealt in part with the number of contracts written where the free-form language was unclear at […]

Best of Dalton’s Arizona Homes: Does Your Agent Go All In?

I love the smell of poker analogies in the morning … This article originally posted September 14, 2006: The provocative headline is solely for the benefit of my wife, as there’s virtually no other way I would be able to get her to read this post. And since she loves me primarily for my writing, […]

Best of Dalton’s Arizona Homes: And Atlas Yawned

Of course, I’m not always wrong. Sometimes I manage to hit the mark squarely … though in this case, it wasn’t much of a stretch to realize buyers are less concerned with who pays for their representation than some in the real estate community tend to be. This article originally posted November 10, 2006: And […]

Best of Dalton’s Arizona Homes: NAR and Me

This article was meant to be about my feelings on NAR and that idiotic things that organization does from time to time. But the references to my parrying the bubble bloggers earlier in the same week led me to this conclusion: I was wrong. I anticipated a decline but not to the degree that we’ve […]

Best of Dalton’s Arizona Homes: An Addict’s Confession

Over time, I’ve actually been able to cut back my blog reading. Now I’m down to a dozen or so that I check daily, another three dozen I’ll look at from time to time and another 50 or so that are in my blog reader but I virtually never get around to viewing. The premise […]