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Ignore the Data Points – Watch the Trend

The talking heads on Fox News yesterday were cautioning viewers not to read too much into the swings in the Dow Jones Industrial Average based on the statements of whichever Congressional caucus was blaming the other for the failure to pass the bailout bill. While they never said the words, the basic concept was not […]

No Phoenix Inventory Update Today

We’re closed for Rosh Hashanah today, so the stats will be back tomorrow. For those celebrating as well, l’shanah tovah. We’ll see you tomorrow.

Bailout Bill Dies in the House

The bailout bill died this morning in the House of Representatives. Rep. Barney Frank is blaming the Republicans for not supporting the measure though a lack of support could be found on both sides of the aisle. Here’s the question to which I’d like an answer – and the answers I see seem to vary […]

The Bailout Bill

Looking for details on the Bailout Bill Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 put together by Congress? Jay Thompson has links to both the draft of the bill itself and the official summary. I’m still deciding where I fall on the whole thing, to be honest. It’s a question in my mind of whether this […]

The Day I Can’t Tell You About

As you may have noticed dear readers, experiences with clients usually seep their way into this blog. Some real estate agents consider this taboo; for me, if there’s something I can address in a general way that may answer a future buyer’s question, all the better. So on Thursday I drove to a location I’m […]

Friday Afternoon Theme Music – September 26

Let’s do one to make the wife happy … have a good Friday, folks! [youtube: 400 300]

Renting One House to Buy Another Just Got Tougher

Received a note from one of my lenders the other night detailing changes in how FHA is handling those folks who are planning to rent what currently is their primary residence with the intent of moving into another home: “Due to FHA’s concern that some homebuyers … may attempt to provide misleading information regarding the […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Update – September 23

Another unexpected turn in the Phoenix real estate market this week … Inventory for single family homes in Maricopa County climbed by nearly 200 homes to 36,834. At the same time, closed sales over the preceding 30 days rose by just under 120 home. The result is an absorption rate of 8.33 months, down .19 […]

But Zillow Said So …

For all of the documented ills attached to Zillow’s home valuation estimates, the simple truth is here in the Phoenix area where tract homes are the dominant feature on the landscape, Zillow’s zestimates usually are somewhat close. Somewhat, because the one important piece of data Zillow doesn’t take into consideration in its metric is what […]

Not Real Estate, But Priceless Anyway …

Last night, ESPN’s Peter Gammons was interviewing New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter following the final game ever to be played at Yankee Stadium. Said Jeter, the Yankees’ captain, “These fans never seem to amaze me.” As a lifelong Yankee hater, I couldn’t have said it better myself.