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Friday Afternoon Theme Music – October 31

I kinda like this … gives me a great Bill Murray singing Star Wars kinda vibe. Enjoy your Halloween. I’ve got a winter lawn to put down two weeks late. [youtube: 400 300]

I’m Influential As Far As You Know

Inman News released their list of the Top 25 Most Influential Bloggers. The best part about such lists released by Inman are that they’re hidden behind their Premium subscriber wall where the vast majority of the public can’t see what’s there. And so, allow me a moment to tell you that I ranked number 3 […]

Local Builder Brown Family Forced to Close

Here’s one of those stories where nobody wins. Brown Family Communities (if you’ve lived around here long enough you’ll remember the days when it was simply Dave Brown) was forced to close this week after more than 30 years in the business. Why? Short story is Brown’s lender re-appraised the builders’ land value at a […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Update – October 28

The next few weeks are going to be as predictable as summer weather forecasts here in the Phoenix area … inventory rising, sales declining and not much of a change expected until after the holidays. Inventory of single-family homes across the Phoenix real estate market rose slightly, up just over 100 houses to 38,323. Sales […]

Nothing Says Priced to Sell …

… like spooky music. Yes, it’s bank owned. Yes, it’s a fixer. And yes, it’s priced accordingly. [tags]Phoenix real estate[/tags]

An Answer Begging of a Question

Anytime someone registers for the home search on any of my websites, I receive an e-mail with their information. About two months ago I added a field to the form asking if the person registering was working with an agent. Here’s what I received today in that field … “I am a Realtor.” An answer […]

Phoenix Light Rail Coming to Life

Once upon a time when I attended Arizona State, I remember seeing a lonely train engine sitting on the tracks outside the football stadium and wondering where in the hell it came from. That spur was long since dormant. Not any more. Well, technically that spur is long gone … in its place is the […]

Returning to the Phoenix Listings Arena in Style

This afternoon, I took my first non-short sale listing in just over seven months. For virtually all of this year, the days and weeks have been filled with buyers – Canadians, investors, Canadian investors, first-time home buyers – to the point that listings were almost an afterthought. Almost, because a real estate agent the basic […]

Looking for the Right Offer Price? Experience Helps …

Question number one of any buyer I’ve ever worked with … what should we offer for this house? It’s not always a cut and dried answer. More often than not, I’ve recommended my buyers offer 10% below asking price for a home assuming the house is priced with the most recent sales. Sometimes that percentage […]

Friday Afternoon Theme Music – October 24

We’re approaching the year mark on the Friday afternoon theme music, an idea spawned by the combination of a flaky buyer and the Boat Drunks’ “Callin’ In Gone” playing on the radio at the same time. A couple of dozen happy clients later and the attitude’s a little different these days. Sure, the news on […]