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Strange Days in Phoenix Real Estate

Each day seems to bring with it a new, odd request … the type of thing which makes me think the insanity of 2005 hasn’t faded as far into the past as all of us may once have believed. Recently I’ve been asked by some readers to send them blank real estate purchase contracts for […]

You Pick the Area. I’ll Help You Find the House

An increasing number of requests have come through the e-mail of late from folks looking for homes somewhere in the Valley. Somewhere is the key word; they don’t know where they want to be other than a place that is “safe” or “quiet.” And I can’t legally help them. The Fair Housing Act specifically prohibits […]

The Phoenix Real Estate Market – The Land Where Professionalism Died

You have fungus on your shower shoes. When you win 20 games in the show, you can let the fungus grow back on your shower shoes and the press will think you’re colorful. Until you win 20 games in the show, however, it means you’re a slob. – Crash Davis Does it seem odd to […]

Friday Afternoon Theme Music – March 27

Some people say that there’s a woman to blame But I know … it’s all Jimmy’s fault. [youtube: 400 300]

The Bank’s Accepted Your Offer. Now What?

Earlier this week I detailed the beginnings of the purchase process here in the Phoenix real estate market, particularly as it pertains to bank owned homes. So let’s say you’ve survived that part. What comes next? Assuming nothing in the bank addendum changed the basic timelines set out in the Arizona Association of REALTORS Residential […]

The Twist on a Bank Owned No One Saw Coming

Normally I try and build the story a little bit but today’s situation was so bizarre it’s best to start at the ending: The lender selling a bank owned home to my buyer doesn’t own the home. Not in a “need to get a deed recorded and work out some paperwork” kind of way. The […]

All Hail the Talking Banana

We’ve had a pretty significant jump in readership over the past several weeks, so I thought I’d dig into Google Analytics to try and see what the deal was. Um … okay. Not what I expected but I guess it’s harder than I imagined to resist the lure of a dancing banana. [tags]Phoenix real estate[/tags]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Update – March 24

The pace of the Phoenix real estate market continues to pick up. Inventory of single-family detached homes is down for the sixth straight week and sales over the past 30 days have crossed the 5,100 mark. As of this morning there are 33,496 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County against sales of 5,114 for […]

Making Offers on Phoenix Real Estate

While many of the homes for sale in the Phoenix real estate market happen to have garages, these properties can’t be purchased as if you’re at a garage sale. “Seventy-eight thousand, huh? Tell ya what. I’ll give you $20,000 cash but I also want you to throw in that Spuds McKenzie poster.” If you want […]

The Flipping Flippers Are Back According to The Republic

There’s an excellent chance I’m too flawed to be a real estate agent in the Phoenix real estate market. We’re approaching April and I’ve yet to try and obtain a contract listing bank owned homes. And when I read things like the tail end of this article in the Arizona Republic, I cringe … (Agent) […]