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The Dog Days of May

It may surprise you to know I don’t always put a lot of forethought into these posts. Or it might not surprise you at all. And that’s really okay either way. The point is other than the weekly market update, most of the other topics are derived from the issues and questions that I am […]

Reader Question: Why Aren’t There More Pictures?

A couple from across the county calls because they’re planning to move to the Valley, they’re searching online for a home and they stumble across this site. (Not hard to do, since I do my level best to throw this site out there like stop sticks with the expectation either the search or Tobey will […]

Friday Afternoon Theme Music – May 29

Here’s a blatant repeat … but I’m in the mood. Hopefully this is only the second time I’ve rolled this one out and not the third. Oh well. Hard to care when the floating opera is going by. [youtube: 400 300]

Real Estate’s Nonsensical Business Model

I find myself dealing with the near constant dilemma of the real estate industry today … do I make myself available to show homes to people who have made it clear they don’t place any special value in what I do. We’ve been discussing this among ourselves in the real estate blogosphere for years – […]

Market Realities Versus Perceptions

A couple of days ago I referenced the Cromford Report, which now is available to members of the Arizona Regional MLS. I’m of two minds on the whole thing – I’d just as soon not have another tool attempting to level the playing field by providing data most agents can’t figure out on their own. […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Update – May 26

As Aerosmith would say, it’s the same old song and dance. Inventory of single family detached homes in the Phoenix real estate market fell again this past week, but this time only by about 400 homes. Closed sales over the past 30 days are off slightly at 6,987 for an absorption rate of 3.35 months, […]

Memorial Day 2009

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery

Lock in that Exchange Rate While You Can

A couple of days ago I mentioned that it might be time for you Canadians to get serious about your Phoenix real estate purchase while the American dollar is tumbling faster than Hamilton’s bid for the Coyotes. If you’re not ready to pull the trigger on a real estate purchase, you still can take advantage […]

Phoenix Real Estate The End of the Foreclosure Moratorium (In)Action

This probably would look much better graphically and once I’m hydrated again after this morning’s sojourn through 18 hours in 91 degrees and what at least to us constitutes humidity I’ll attempt it. Until then, soldier on … There has been much speculation over the past several weeks about the impact of the end of […]

Fair Housing Act Case Study

I’ve finally come up with a solution for buyers who are insistent on having me recommend areas in defiance of the Fair Housing Act … send them to Trulia Voices, where the law is trampled upon with impunity. There were a couple of examples sitting in the Google Reader but we’re going to go with […]