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New to the Market: 1049 E. Southshore Drive, Gilbert

Why Your Real Estate Agent Fails at His Job 9 Times Out of 10

This is what happens when you find yourself parsing sentences at well past 11 p.m. in the evening … Continuing the line of thought from Tuesday’s post, here is the basic premise on which the argument against dual agency – the act of one real estate agent representing both buyer and seller in the same […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Update – July 29

Providing these market statistics is much like being a meteorologist here in Phoenix during the summer months. Today – hot, sunny, chance of evening thunderstroms. Tomorrow – hit, sunny, chance of evening thunderstorms. The next 52 days – hot, sunny, chance of evening thunderstorms. So goes this week’s inventory update for the Phoenix market – […]

Short Sale Buyers Experts, Unicorns and Other Mythical Creatures

The research had been impeccable. The conclusions had been slightly off. “We understand there’s a lot more paperwork involved with purchasing a short sale and how important it is to have an expert in buying short sales …” Yes, there’s a lot more paperwork involved with processing a short sale – if you are the […]

A (Limited) Defense of Dual Agency

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in … Here is a little known fact about the great big world of real estate blogs – there only are 14 topics to discuss, 15 if you live in an area with that odd atmospheric phenomenon known as humidity. As such, real estate […]

Do You Qualify for a Short Sale?

This original question came up on Trulia Voices yesterday and was worth addressing here as well … “how do I know if I qualify for a short sale?” The short answer is qualification is in the eyes of your lender. A good hardship letter helps – a letter detailing all the reasons you no longer […]

The Slightest Change in the Air … Maybe

It’s an admittedly egotistical notion to say that you have a finger on the pulse of the real estate market in an area as large as Phoenix. Then again, blogs are nothing if not extensions of ego so in that context, what the hell. There seems to be the slightest change in the air these […]

Weekend Theme Music – July 24

Music from the west coast about life south of the equator … a great way to spend some time on a Saturday. [youtube: 400 300]

Open Letter to Canadians Buying Phoenix Real Estate

The following is an e-mail I sent to the Canadians in my database the other day. If you’re a regular reader and even glance at the widget on the right side, you know the Canadian dollar’s been in rally mode. Even with the drop in local market values, nothing can swing the equation further faster […]

Listing Your Home as a Short Sale

Unfortunately, the question of what a seller needs to do to list and sell a home as a short sale has come up fairly often over the past year and especially over the last couple of months. On a short sale, a home is worth less than the amount of a mortgage. The sale only […]