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The $8,000 Home Buyer Tax Credit – Much Ado About Nothing

Given the discussion online and what I’ve heard from more than one client over the past couple of days, there seems to be considerable confusion about the future of the $8,000 home buyer tax credit. As of the moment, this tax credit is due to expire on November 30. (And I, for one, would be […]

Questions About Phoenix Bank Owned Homes

It’s been an interesting couple of days’ worth of questions on Trulia Voices. Look for just a moment at the Arizona buyers’ feed and you’ll see question after question about problems trying to purchase a bank owned home. I’m not going to try and answer these questions here – more often than not there’s more […]

Does A Buyer Need to Disclose Multiple Offers?

Saw this note buried inside the Realtor remarks on a listing yesterday: “If the buyer is making multiple offers, please disclose on a separate addendum.” The question is, does a buyer need to do so? It’s understandable why a seller would want to know whether a buyer is making offers on multiple properties, hoping that […]

Phoenix Real Estate’s Bottom is Bumpy

Somewhere there’s a joke waiting to be told involving the Hollywood Grind blog or US Magazine and bumpy bottoms, but I don’t have the heart. Back around the first of April, it was clear that the Phoenix real estate market had taken a turn. Activity spiked, inventory fell. In fact, about the only thing that […]

Moving Toward Business By Referral

It’s been a little bit of a mind-bending week here at All Phoenix Real Estate central. After many, many months of delay I finally sat down to listen to classes taught by Brian Buffini about migrating my real estate business to one that is, if not exclusively by referral, is driven by that dynamic. These […]

RE/MAX Working to Streamline Short Sales

From a press release issued late yesterday from RE/MAX International: Real Estate Leaders Unite to Reduce Foreclosures New Short Sale Strategy Designed to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure RE/MAX International of Denver, Colorado and HEART Financial Services of Northbrook, Illinois have agreed to work together to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. The real estate franchisor and loan […]

9503 W McRae – Photo Tour

New to the Market: 9503 W McRae Way, Westbrook Village

Yesterday I watched with interest as the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans played football while the sky was falling. I’ve been told the white stuff falling from the sky is called “snow” and happens in many parts of the country as part of a season known as “fall.” While this was taking place back […]

Checking Back on Phoenix Real Estate Inventory

It’s been a while since I’ve posted inventory numbers for the Phoenix real estate market and in the passing weeks not a great deal has changed. There are 20,330 single family detached homes for sale in Maricopa County and there were 5,885 closed sales over the past 30 days … all of that means we […]

It’s Time to End the First Time Home Buyer Credit

An old synagogue management joke … There was a hundred-year-old synagogue on the East Coast where the rabbi stood on the right side of the bimah and the cantor the left. Every time they crossed from one side to the other they would take two steps, bow deeply to one another and continue to the […]