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Phoenix Real Estate 2009 in Review, Looking at 2010

In all honesty, I had thought about tying up this week’s Phoenix real estate year in review series with a cute little bow and bringing it to an end similar to what you’d see in your local newspaper or what you saw when you watched Shogun back in the day on NBC. Except it’s not […]

Phoenix Real Estate 2009 In Review, Part 3

2009 was the year we welcomed Canadians back to the Phoenix real estate market. Okay, so to some degree our friends from north of the border never left but as the Canadian dollar fell to 78 and 79 cents compared to an American dollar interest logically fell. The following chart shows you the rise, fall […]

Phoenix Real Estate Listings And Nothing More

We’ll get back to the year in review later but I wanted to get this news out first. One of the things I love about Diverse Solutions, the company responsible for the software that powers the home search on this and my other half-dozen sites, is they’re about the most responsive group of tech-geeks (said […]

Phoenix Real Estate 2009 In Review, Part 2

Yesterday we discussed the role bank owned homes played in the Phoenix market through 2009. While this was the dominant story line, it certainly wasn’t the only factor impacting our market. Though the scope of its effect can be debated endlessly, the $7,500 first-time home buyers tax credit – and the extension and expansion of […]

Phoenix Real Estate: 2009 in Review, Part 1

No topic has dominated the Phoenix real estate market like foreclosures, also known as bank owned homes or REO (real estate owned) properties. Demand for these homes was so high at one point in the year that I built an entire website dedicated to nothing but Phoenix bank owned homes. What was most intriguing is […]

Common Terms in Phoenix Real Estate

Do enough real estate transactions and it’s easy to forget the lingo we use here in Phoenix doesn’t necessarily translate for everyone. So here’s a quick guide to some of the most common terms you’re going to hear when buying Phoenix real estate: Earnest deposit: Essentially a good faith payment, the earnest deposit is delivered […]

Twas the Day Before Christmas

… and real estate took a back seat to the realities of last minute shopping, in this case a handful of stocking stuffers for the wife and last-minute grocery items she left waiting for me when I awoke. Fortunately salvation was waiting a mere mile away at the newly renovated Super Walmart assuming I could […]

Twas the Day Before the Day Before Christmas

Everyone apparently is at the mall today, as I discovered when I went to lunch at Arriba with several of the other agents in my office. Which means there’s probably no one in front of their computer to read this. And even if there is, who thinks about real estate two days before Christmas? Except […]

All Phoenix Real Estate Monthly Newsletter Moving to Opt-In

The routine had been pretty simple over the past year … if you registered for the home search on my website, I would subscribe you to my monthly (more or less) newsletter updating the Phoenix real estate market. Except, given the number of visitors and registrations here every month, the newsletter was becoming a bit […]

Making an Offer on a Short Sale in the Phoenix Real Estate Market

For those stout of heart who have no qualms about waiting extended periods for answers from lenders on short sale offers, here are some tips to give your short sale offer here in the Phoenix real estate market the greatest chance of success: 1) Follow the comps, not the list price. If the market value […]