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Is The Time Nearing for Phoenix Real Estate?

Twice today I had the same conversation with prospective buyers … that the Phoenix market, and some neighborhoods in particular, were in the process of bottoming out and that even if they’re not quite there, time’s running out. Right? Wrong? It’s hard to say, especially on a macro-level. It would fit that there is only […]

Rental Rates – The Homes for Sale, Part One

As mentioned earlier, the second half of the rental equation is the purchase price of the homes. We’ll stick with the same disclaimers as before – the data is from the Arizona Regional MLS and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed; what you’re seeing is one of a few hundred homes for sale in Surprise […]

Estimated Rental Rates in the Phoenix Real Estate Market

One question that comes up quite often, especially with the Canadian dollar hovering near parity (though not quite there) is how much properties might rent for in different areas of the Valley. There are many, many variables to the question as rents can vary from one neighborhood to the next within a city much less […]

Blog Page – One More Bug

This will mean zero to most but if you happened to arrive here using our old URL,, simply hit home and you’ll be back where you belong. – Tobey

Weekend Theme Music – March 27

Well, that was an interesting day … only took 18 months of fretting to discover the upgrade here would take less than an hour. Then again, real estate often lends itself to fretting … buyers hoping for lenders to come through, sellers waiting for offers, agents working to maintain their existing relationships while cultivating new […]

We’re a Little Bit Buggy

May I share a secret with you? As much as my business is based on technology, I find myself fighting the latest greatest thing as often as not. Which is why, for the past couple of years, I’ve been running this website off WordPress 2.2 even as new version after new version emerged. For those […]

What $330K Will Get You in a Scottsdale Loft

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to tour my office’s listing at the Optima Camelback complex. Like many of the loft-style properties in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Optima Camelback was a victim of timing … upscale properties coming on the market at the very moment that the market was tumbling. This particular unit is lender owned; […]

Forget Big Broker vs. Small Broker, Let’s Talk Bad Broker vs. Good Broker

So here’s the fatal flaw inherent in the oft-debated idea of eliminating agent-level real estate licensing in favor of broker-level licensing … without that extra level of oversight, God only knows what hell the average real estate consumer would be in for. Not that such an extra level of oversight always exists … broker stupidity, […]

If Consumers Shopped as Diligently for Agents as Homes, the Real Estate Business Would Look Quite Different

This is one of those pipe dream scenarios, mostly because it’s virtually impossible to come up with a working set of questions that would help a consumer determine whether their agent is competent and worthy of their business. Truthfully, questions could run the gamut and you still might never get to the heart of the […]

Westbrook Village Needs a Few Fans

A couple of years ago there was a mass movement toward hyper-local real estate blogs, the one place where everyone in the community would come to discuss the day’s local events or the odd Chick-Fil-A opening. Try as I might, that wasn’t really me. This, however, is more my style. So if you happen to […]