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Just Give Me the Lockbox Code …

.,. because I’m not calling you because I need or want a REALTOR, I just want to look at the house. This always has been one of my favorite phone calls. Leave me a message asking for a lockbox code and there is a 50-50 chance you’ll never hear back from me, depending on whether […]

Summer Fun: Fishing for Home Buyers in Phoenix Real Estate

We’re one week deep into summer vacation and the inevitable refrain “Dad, I’m bored” is starting to rear its ugly head. How I managed to survive with a mere Atari 2600, pre-basic cable and (horror of horrors) books when my children can’t make things work with an XBOX 360, PS2, Wii, full satellite, DVDs, beagles […]

When Your House Doesn’t Want You to Move

Houses can be tempermental beings in the best of times; repairs always seem necessary at the exact moment when you’re between paychecks and otherwise have to shuffle and juggle to make them. Never is this more true than when you’re selling your house. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to see it go and it will […]

Hold The Presses: A Short Sale Answer from Bank of America

We talked last month about how Bank of America’s new partnership with Equator was supposed to speed the short sale process, at least for loans that aren’t government backed. Apparently, it’s working. On May 3, I submitted an offer to Bank of America via Equator for one of my short sale listings. Five days later […]

What You See May Not Be What You Get

Contrary to the mob’s belief that the end of the homebuyer tax credit would mean the end of the Phoenix real estate market, sales remain fairly brisk particularly at the lower price points. And this poses a bit of a problem for out-of-town buyers looking for homes under $150,000 and bank-owned homes in particular – […]

The Dangers of Not Trusting the Realities of the Numbers

Until Monday, I had been staring at the same set of numbers with a dubious eye. The figures on the screen were telling me one thing, but my intuition kept telling me something different. It’s not unlike the feeling sellers and buyers have when they’re staring at the comps, the hard evidence in front of […]

Comps in Phoenix Real Estate

As the saying goes, there are lies, damn lies and statistics. Comps – the comparable sales for a property in a given area – are a member of the third group and easily can fall into the first two depending on the purpose for which they’re being used. When working with a buyer or seller, […]

Why Do I Need a Local Lender?

The short answer – money. Not yours, not mine, but theirs. If a lender isn’t licensed in the state of Arizona, he or she isn’t going to be able to get paid for a loan completed in this state. This may not mean a whole lot to you but for lenders who presumably need the […]

Disconnections, Roller Coasters and the Hang Seng

Once upon a time, there was something called the Asian contagion or the Hang Seng fever. This was back in the late 1990s when I was a stockbroker at Schwab. The Hang Seng index in Hong Kong tumbled, the Dow Jones Industrial Average followed … trading was halted as the so-called circuit breakers all kicked […]

One of the RE.Net’s Originals’ Latest Battle

Once upon a time, the real estate blogging world was a very different place. Long before NAR essentially said that everyone needed to have a real estate blog, long before their were experts telling you what you should and shouldn’t write about, what keyword strategy to have, how to integrate blogging into your so-called social […]