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Senate Extends Closing Deadline for Homebuyer Tax Credit

Just when the really cynical rant was taking shape, the Senate this evening extended the deadline to close escrow and receive the $8,000 (or $6,500 for move-up buyers) tax credit to September 30. As I’ve said before, this only applies to buyers who were under contract on or before April 30 who previously had to […]

Politics Catches Up to Homebuyer Tax Credit in Senate

If you’re one of the supposed 5,400-plus buyers in Arizona hoping to see the closing deadline to receive the homebuyer tax credit extended until September 30, this may not be the best news. Senate leaders have determined the extension isn’t about you; rather, the extension reportedly is being used as a bargaining chip to try […]

House OK’s Extension of Homebuyer Tax Credit Closing Deadline

Who says Congress can’t move quickly when its members are in the mood? The House today approved nearly unanimously a stand-alone bill that would extend the deadline to close escrow and receive the Homebuyer Tax Credit to September 30. This still only applies to buyers who were under contract by April 30 and who otherwise […]

NAR Estimtated 5,400-Plus Arizonans to Lose Homebuyer Tax Credit Without Extension

To be honest I’m not exactly sure where NAR is coming up with the estimates; no source is given and as best I can tell there’s no single source available. In the Arizona Regional MLS covering the Phoenix area, there are just over 2,100 sales listed as pending where the contract was accepted before April […]

Potholes on the Road to the Homebuyer Tax Credit

Barring a resurrection in Congress, the deadline to close escrow on a home and receive the $8,000 (or $6,500) Homebuyer Tax Credit is midnight Wednesday. Agents are being asked by NAR and other groups to do all we can to make sure escrows close in time for the deadline, which assumes we have far greater […]

If You See a Smoking Deal …

Thus concludes most conversations I seem to have with prospective buyers these days. Working primarily in retirement communities is a decidedly different gig. Once buyers make up their mind the time has come to buy they generally move decisively and the transactions – usually cash deals – go smoothly. My business remains at the mercy […]

Out of Town and Looking for Phoenix Real Estate? Maybe Some Video Will Help

As anyone searching for a home can tell you, photographs often lie. From a real estate agent’s perspective, we prefer to think of selective, creative photography as accentuating the positive and, all in all, this is what is most likely to attract a buyer at least initially. Continued interest only comes, however, when a buyer […]

Do You Want Me to Make You Say Yes?

Among the hundreds of e-mails hitting the inbox every day was one that discussed better ways of “making your clients say yes.” Which, I suppose if done the right way, is a good thing. The question is whether it’s always a good thing. I’ve always been one of those agents who rarely carries a contract […]

Life on the Water

Water in the desert? Believe it or not, lake subdivisions dot the landscape throughout the Phoenix real estate market. Some feature recharged water, a handful are fresh water, almost are tied into the city’s water system in some way, shape or form. One thing that seems to be universal in Arizona and elsewhere is the […]

Senate Extends Closing Deadline for Homebuyer Tax Credit

Contrary to what you might have heard or might hear in the next 24 hours, the $8,000 Homebuyer Tax Credit has not been brought back to life. What did happen today is the Senate passed a measure that includes language giving those buyers who were under contract by April 30 until the end of September […]