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Taking Credit Where Credit’s Due – Setting the Price

Last week I told you about a new listing Tobey and I took in the Sun City Grand vacation rentals. This was a nice 2-bedroom, 1,300 square foot home in Sun City Grand that had been painstakingly upgraded by the owners to include granite counters in the kitchen and bathroom, wood floors, a custom built Murphy bed in the spare bedroom … Maybe it would just be easier if I showed you the photo tour to jog your memory: Yesterday, the sellers and I received an offer on the property. Today we finalized the last details of the counter offers […]

Vote for Me – Sympathy Readily Accepted!

If you take a look over on the right side you’ll see an extra little button there where you can vote for the best real estate blog in Phoenix. I’m trying to adjust the programming so that if you click on that voting link and then select Jay Thompson’s blog your computer will download AVGold but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Besides, he’s only one of my competitors (and, in several cases, my friends) who are on the list. Not that I want you to vote for any of them. Frankly, I’m quite shallow and desperately want your votes […]

All Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Update – July 27

This one’s a little different than the old inventory updates I used to provide with absorption rate and all; instead of looking at the whole Valley, here’s a quick rundown of my own listing inventory. This, naturally, breaks one of the rules of real estate blogging – never talk about your own listings – but, as you probably have been able to tell over the past few weeks, I’m in a contrary mood. For more information on any of these properties, e-mail me or call me at 602-502-9693. APPROVED SHORT SALE IN AVONDALE The last buyer did the heavy lifting […]

Transparency and Building Community

This may seem a little bit odd for a real estate agent to do, but I’m going to tell you the story of another agent who works in my parents’ neighborhood – the neighborhood in which I grew up. For more years than I can remember, Bob delivered neighborhood real estate updates – the standard fare of what was for sale, what recently sold, etc. Even more notably, on the patriotic national holidays – Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day (if memory serves) we’d wake up to find a flag in our front lawn with a note saying that this […]

We Can’t See the Forest for the Technology

This afternoon a post from the GeekEstate Blog appeared in my feed reader – I can’t link to it because the link leads to a 404 message, which means either the post has been taken down, is future dated or there’s a bad link somewhere in the mix – though I wish I could if only for this nugget from an agent in another market: As an active real estate agent and a fledgling developer, I’ve felt firsthand the pain points on both sides. Here’s an example of how I now search for real estate for clients: Load up the […]

The Truth Behind an IDX Feed

How many of you shop inside the convenience marts attached to gas stations? Apparently, far more than I ever really imagined if what I’ve seen at my in-laws’ ARCO station is accurate. Until I was looking at the numbers one day, I would have assumed that the gasoline was driving the station’s profit margin. Believe it or not, it doesn’t. While not quite a loss leader, the real markup – and thus the real profit – comes from the items for sale inside the convenience mart. Margins on gas are thin but, as anyone who has had to buy a […]

What Don Mattingly Taught Us About Real Estate This Week

Let’s set the scene for you … At Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre was ejected from the team’s game against the San Francisco Giants. Bench coach Bob Schaefer, the Dodgers’ second-in-command as it were, also had been ejected leaving batting coach Don Mattingly in charge of the team for the game’s final innings. Mattingly has been around baseball for decades and he well knows what most baseball fans also know – a coach or manager only can visit a given pitcher on the mound once; on the second visit, the pitcher has to be […]

Dam Holding Up Tempe Town Lake Breaks in the Desert

Break a dam anywhere else in the country and all hell breaks loose. Break the dam holding together Tempe’s Town Lake – a man-made creation inside the otherwise dry Salt River channel – and, well, not much happens except some triathlons get canceled and the water level goes poof. Video clip’s courtesy of and, needless to say, there likely will not be a state of emergency declared anytime soon. Lake should be back to normal in a few months.

Five Reasons to Live in Sun City Grand

Full credit goes to my good friend Gail for the photographs; I simply was the guy driving the car today after taking a listing in Sun City Grand’s so-called vacation getaways. More on that property in a couple of days. In the interim, five reasons to live in Sun City Grand in Surprise, Arizona. (Oh, and keep in mind the view’s about the same in January as it is now.)

Jaws and Kitchen Photography

Hooper:  “Come on, Martin! Martin, move, move, move!” Chief Brody: “I’m not going out there!” Hooper: “Beyond the edge of the barrels! Go to the end of the barrels! Further out!” Brody: “What?” Hooper: “Further out!” Brody: “Why?” Hooper: “Go further out!” Brody: “What for?” Hooper: “Would you go to the end of the pulpit, please?” Brody: “What?” Hooper: “Would you please go to the end of the pulpit?” Martin: “What for?” Hooper: “I need something in the foreground to give it some scale!” Martin: “Foreground my ass!” Good news … the owner who never departed the kitchen now is […]

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