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Keeping a Sense of Perspective

It appears the time has come to get serious once again about market statistics as for the first time in three years the numbers they are a-changing. There was 2007, when week after week there was ludicrously high inventory and ridiculously low sales combining to leave the Phoenix real estate market with a year or […]

Phoenix Real Estate Buyers – Are You Adjusting to the Current Environment?

In my spare time, such as it is, I usually find myself playing Diamond Mind baseball, a computerized baseball simulation game akin to the old-fashioned tabletop dice games like Strat-O-Matic or APBA. It’s relaxing to me to play past seasons – sometimes it’s a season from the late 40s, sometimes from the 1960s and now […]

Door to Door Versus Selling Your Door

I had a BawldGuy flashback yesterday afternoon. My doorbell rang purposefully not once but twice, leading me to believe the kid from across the street was checking to see if my kids could place because she’s the only person I know who rings more than once. (It’s 2010, folks – not even the postman always […]

Would a Statewide Arizona MLS Benefit the Consumer?

Once every two years, I go to Tucson for the annual Arizona State-Arizona football game. It’s a ritual that I’ve been following since 1990 when I first made the 120-mile drive and, with rare exceptions, these have been my only trips to Tucson. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times […]

Hey Phoenix Real Estate Brokers: Is Minimal Training Too Much to Ask?

My broker-owners don’t like when I’m cynical about my fellow profe … er … agents, so I’m going to be nice and positive about this one. What real estate agents learn in real estate school helps them pass their exam and get licensed but has next to nothing to do with the actual day-to-day of […]

Answering Reader Mail

You gotta love it … here’s an actual e-mail I received earlier today. Hey buttmunch, when are you going to fix the pictures so they can be viewed as a slide show? Clicking on each thumbnail separately is ridiculous, and BUYERS will go elsewhere!!! Do I need to mention no name, phone number or e-mail […]

A Few Lessons From a Forced Vacation

Okay, so the last couple of months here have been more about me than anything else and that will change. Not today, but still. Reality is, everything has been about me for the last four months around here and what happens in my life happens in the blog and so there you are. (Then again, […]

Stephen Strasburg and the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Realtors

To say Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg has been treated with kid gloves once coaches realized there was a lightning bolt attached to his right arm would be a severe understatement. At San Diego State, coach Tony Gwynn (yes, that Tony Gwynn) went out of his way to make sure his phenom didn’t throw more […]