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Phoenix Real Estate Slowing Considerably

So here’s where things stand as of the moment in the Phoenix real estate market. There are just shy of 26,500 single-family detached homes for sale in Maricopa County. And since the start of the month there have been just over 3,500 closed sales – a far cry from the 5,000-plus months we were seeing […]

Walking Through Haunted Downtown Flagstaff

Flagstaff on a Phoenix real estate website? Absolutely! Because, in many ways, the City of Flagstaff is one of the reasons to buy real estate in Phoenix. Just two hours north of the Valley and sitting at more than 7,000 feet, the cool pines of Flagstaff provide a break from the heat in the summer […]

Congress May Mull Shortened Short Sale Timeline

Tired of waiting weeks and months to get an answer on a short sale? Rep. Robert Andrews (D-NJ) feels your pain. Andrews last week introduced H.R. 6133, which would require lenders to respond to short sale requests within 45 days of the request being made. For those who remember their Schoolhouse Rock, this means “Bill” […]

RE/MAX Lives Up to Tagline in Peoria Real Estate

Here’s a fun little factoid that made its way to my inbox over the weekend – over the past year, more Peoria homes listed by RE/MAX agents have sold than those of any other company by a fairly wide margin. Nearly 3,700 homes were sold in Peoria between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010 […]

Can You Use a Co-Signer on Phoenix Real Estate – VIDEO

For those who aren’t enjoying video me, bear with me … I’m using these videos to seed my All Phoenix Real YouTube channel. One of these days we’re going to adopt the game show taping schedule and I’ll just switch shirts ever half hour until the topics I want to hit initially all have […]

Life in the Southern Hemisphere, Sort Of

The toilets don’t drain the wrong direction and we’re not on the verge of summer here at All Phoenix Real headquarters, but we’re gearing up for the high season just as many real estate agents are getting ready for the long winter leading to 2011 and the year, in theory, the Phoenix real estate […]

3 Must Do Items Before Listing Your Phoenix Real Estate as a Short Sale

Another experiment in video … the video also can be found on my YouTube channel which, at the moment, consists of just this one video but soon will have additional videos available. As always, any feedback or questions are welcome. [youtube: 400 300]

What Real Estate Agents Can Learn from Domino’s

There was the most remarkable commercial the other day, part of Domino’s “send us a photo of your pizza” campaign. In this ad, the grand poobah from Domino’s was holding a large photograph of a pizza delivery gone awry – cheese and toppings dripping from the top of the box, which clearly had been smashed […]

Why Live in Arizona?

Simple post on the first NFL Sunday of the year as I battle my wife for possession of the remote control. (Clearly I need to replace the DirecTV receiver that broke a couple of months ago – things that didn’t seem urgent until kickoff neared.) Why live in Arizona? Because these skies aren’t all that […]

Quick Tips for First Time Home Buyers

We’re playing with video today. If this turns out to be about the dorkiest thing I’ve ever done, by all means blame Dean Ouellette for the idea since he’s the one who put the bug in my head at last week’s Arizona State football game. Assuming you’re not laughing or crying at the end of […]