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Tempe Town Lake is a Lake Once More

As I wrote back in July, one of the rubber bladders holding together the man-made Tempe Town Lake had ruptured, sending water down the normally dry Salt River bed, leaving thousands of fish beached and shutting down activity on the waterway – sailing, boat tours, the ASU rowing team to name a few. This past […]

I’m Not One of Inman’s Influencers But I Can Tell You Who Is

This week, Inman News presented their “readers’” nominees for the list of Real Estate’s 100 Most Influential. Once upon a time there were separate categories for bloggers and actually influential people; this year they were merged, resulting in a mix of the industry’s heavy hitters and self-nominating agents who I suppose wanted to be able […]

Roofers, Glazers and Why I Have a Buyers Agent

Those of you in other parts of the country that regularly have that phenomenon known as weather may already know this, but it’s apparently very difficult to get a roofer or window glazer to return a phone call in the weeks following a massive hail storm. This is logical and illogical all at once – […]

Do It Yourself Real Estate and Phoenix Listing Statuses

This morning I woke to a new property inquiry from my home search waiting in my inbox. The prospective buyer indicated he wanted to see the property this evening; a quick check of the Arizona Regional MLS showed this was a short sale sitting in Active with Contingencies status. In other words, the seller’s already […]

Navigating Phoenix Real Estate with Jack Sparrow’s Compass

This afternoon I had lunch with a client from Canada who purchased their home here a couple of years back. After we dispensed with the hockey talk (outside of the presence of a soon-to-be-new owner there’s little to talk about from the Phoenix Coyotes’ perspective), we moved on to politics Canadian and American and the […]

Why is Your Home Worth this Much? Because the Neighborhood to the North Fell, Too

There’s a bit of a pecking order when it comes to the retirement communities in the Phoenix real estate, not in terms of amenities or desirability or anything along those lines but in terms of price, due mostly to the age of the various communities. I’m getting ready to list a gemini home in Sun […]

Before You Call That Listing Agent …

Buyers love calling listing agents. Well, maybe not love, but they sure opt to do it often enough. Reasons vary. One compelling reason would seem to be that the listing agent has a vested interest in seeing the property sold so there would be some sense of urgency in returning phone calls. Another compelling reason […]

Phoenix Real Estate According to Zillow

There’s an old saying that God loves drunks and sportswriters, a saying that most likely was coined by a swaying sportswriter a couple of hours after deadline who had survived some sort of near miss on deadline. This, incidentally, has little to do with the point of today’s post except that there’s nothing more beautiful […]

Should Buyers Disclose When They’re Making Multiple Offers for Phoenix Real Estate

Let’s start with a major disclaimer … I’m not an attorney and am not providing legal advice. What follows simply is my personal opinion regarding a certain aspect of the Arizona Association of REALTORS residential purchase contract and should not be construed as a legal opinion, the gospel engraved on granite tablets, or anything else […]

I Don’t Want to List Your Home for Sale

Yes, you read that correctly … now learn the details on my latest video offering. And to see all of my videos, check out my All Phoenix Real YouTube channel. [youtube: 400 300]