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If It’s Monday It Must Be Time for Some Changes

Dangerous thing, this WordCamp Phoenix that took place over the weekend at the Chandler Center of the Arts. Not to get too geeky for the vast majority for one-third of my readers – my mother – but there seems to be far more to WordPress, the software behind the beauty you see here and on my other websites – than I ever imagined. And some of the things that have come along of late replace things I’d done half-assed before in an effort to make everything look exactly the way I wanted. There were some serious smarts in the rooms […]

Phoenix Homes Listings Via the Ghost Box

On the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, one of my more guilty pleasures, every now and then Zach and the boys will pull out the ghost box. In theory, entities from the other side are able to manipulate the box and form words which the computer then says for all to hear. More often than not, the ghost box spits out random dipthongs which every now and then coincide with what the rest of us call words. Judging from this listing in the Arizona Regional MLS, the ghost box also writes marketing copy for listing agents selling Phoenix homes:

Google Throws in the Towel on Real Estate Search

Step back in time about five years and Google's entry into real estate search was heralded as threatening real estate agent's sites and ushering in the era of the incredibly-overrated national MLS. Google "Phoenix homes" for instance and a search box would appear before any of the site links below, spelling doom on agents who connect with clients over the Internet. Woe be to those agents and brokerages who did not upload their listings to Google Base, the new home for all things real estate search. Step back in time two years and you'll see where Google integrated real estate search into Google Maps. So, if you're looking for a neighborhood for a coffee shop or what have you, you also would be treated to all the real estate listings in one place. Real estate agents, long destined for disintermediation by some pundits, finally had seen that day arrive.

Revisiting the $50K Fix and Flip in the Phoenix Real Estate Market

It's rare I'll pull a post back from the archives in full but a truly brilliant comment caused me to do so. Says John, on this post from August of 2009, Small window of opportunity huh? lol Internet sucks for Realtors and their amazing wisdom. Tell me about how few 45K houses there will be come this year with the next 1,2 million foreclosures. LMFAO! This naturally brought to mind the Douglas-Lincoln debates in which Honest Abe said, "WTF? No time for this, GTL." Sadly, the facts don't quite back John's argument, if you can call it an argument. Stretching greatly to give him an argument, that the market is going to be flooded with $45,000, I replied ...

Comps, CMAs, BPOs and Appraisals

There are many, many different ways to ask about your home's value. Some are more detailed than others, some may look a little more slick, but all should get you to roughly the same place. Here's a look at your options in the Phoenix real estate market: 1) Comps. This usually is little more than a rundown of sales for similar homes in your area. From these, you can determine the average price per square foot, add or subtract depending on upgrades and other features unique to your home, and arrive at a pretty decent estimate of your home's value. The key is finding similar properties - if you own a home in a golf course community but are not on the golf course, you shouldn't look at sales of golf course homes to determine what your home might be worth. There's a premium that comes with a golf course or lakeview lot but that premium varies greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood and from one market to the next.

SmashBurger Opens in Glendale

The corner pad in the Safeway plaza at the northeast corner of 59th Avenue and Thunderbird has not been a great spot to be if you're a restaurant. First there was ... well ... I don't remember. Then came Archie's Deli, which had a couple year run of good sandwiches and terrible bagels (think Lenders in your grocers' freezers but with a fresh bagel price), then a Chinese food restaurant that never actually opened its doors before being scrapped. Arizona smashburger at smashburger Glendale Now tempting fate in the location is SmashBurger. And judging by the long line on a Sunday afternoon during a playoff football game, this may be the restaurant that flexes some staying power.

Forget Stupid Real Estate Tricks. Let’s Talk About the ABCs of Stupid

Those of us in the real estate blogging world take great joy in pointing out the silly things real estate agents to in order to get your business. My favorite remains wearing your name badge cockeyed to start a conversation because, hey, just because you can't dress yourself doesn't mean you can't sell a home. But this post isn't about real estate. It's about the stupidity at ABC and the lack of accountability that goes with what is a truly stupid decision - not providing full episodes of "V" online. We missed the season premiere because I didn't set the VCR, thinking there still was a week left. No big deal, I thought, we could just go to and watch the episode. Except this note was waiting ...

A Letter from Bank of America’s Short Sale Department

Just received an e-mail from Bank of America’s short sale process and thought I’d share … with a few helpful notes. Bank of America continues to improve the short sale process and recognizes that the timely (repeated) upload of homeowner documents is critical to reducing processing times (from “eternity” to “when hell freezes over.“) To improve the collection of these documents, agents should take the following steps (and repeat whenever we lose the paperwork): 1. Upload the following required documents, on behalf of the homeowner, to the online short sale processing system as soon as possible: A hardship letter describing […]

Taking Short Sale Listings as Business Plan Must? Only if You’re Selling the Training

Editor's note: This post originally was written for elsewhere but has come back here. I've read it through a couple of times and my issue really isn't with the agent being quoted (though I do disagree in the extreme with some of the marketing-based assertions about short sales). Where I have a problem is Inman News presenting opinion as fact, especially when the opinion comes from someone with a vested interest in having that opinion appear to be a fait accompli and not ever disclosing the subject's conflict of interest. This is one of those internecine real estate-type posts but I always think a glance behind the curtain to see what we real estate agents see every day can be rather illuminating of the real estate business as a whole. On this morning's Inman News update came the tidbit that "experts" are expecting short sale inventories to remain strong for the next to five eight years.

Beagles, Bank Owned Homes and Phoenix Real Estate

Three beagles alike in dignity in fair Glendale where we lay our scene ... With apologies to Tobey and Charlie, today's story is all about the youngest of our pack - Morgan. This is Morgan in one of his typical poses, thinking for all the world that he's a stuffed animal on my daughter's bed. Morgan is the tallest and longest of the three beagles but doesn't know it. He'll curl up on your lap or on the edge of the love seat thinking he's still the puppy that he was when we first bought him. He's mental, in other words.

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