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Phoenix HUD Homes for Sale

As of this particular moment in time there are 777 single-family HUD homes for sale in the Phoenix real estate market. How do I know this? Because I can search the Arizona Regional MLS specifically for Phoenix HUD homes. Of these 777 homes, 764 of them are being advertised on the Internet through ARMLS’ IDX feed, allowing the public to search specifically for these homes if they find a site with a dedicated Phoenix HUD homes search. Like the Phoenix HUD homes search that I’ve just added here at All Phoenix Real Now let me tell you the wicked-cool […]

My Real Estate Market Sucks Less Than Yours Does

A couple of weeks ago my local bagel shop posted a sign letting loyal customers (and presumably non-loyal, as they’d also be affected) that a “slight” price increase was coming as of mid-February, the first change in prices in four years. Slight turned out to be about 10 percent when you include tax which, to be honest, came as quite the surprise. Not that I’m going to quibble about the 40 cents for too long – it’s not enough of a difference for me to surrender my low-fat cream cheese for the good (and less expensive) stuff, but still. It’s […]

99 Years of One, 9 Years of Another

Once upon a time, I wooed my wife on Valentine’s Day by asking if she’d be my date for Statehood Day. For those not in the know, today is Arizona’s 99th birthday … still hoping we can celebrate the 100th with the reversal of the Gadsden Purchase, but that’s another story for another day. That was nine years ago. And since that time, well, we’ve consistently done very little for Valentine’s Day. She made me brownies that year (ignoring that I was working with a trainer); this year I received Snickers Peanut Butter bars (ignoring that I’m going to the […]

Notes on the Municipal Bond Market

How about some financial news? I’m dipping heavily into John Wake’s territory with this one but far be it from me to give my Canadian friends the chance to tell me I’m not paying attention to economic-type stuff. From the Bloomberg news wire … Investors withdrew about $1.2 billion from U.S. municipal-bond mutual funds this week, the 13th-straight period of withdrawals, Lipper US Fund Flows said. Outflows have totaled $24.8 billion since mid-November, according to data released yesterday by Lipper, a Denver-based research company. The $1.1 billion that investors took out in the week ended Feb. 2 was the least in […]

When Do It Yourself Only Gets You So Far

We’ve lived in the same house since 2003. When we first moved in, we were determined to take down the wallpaper infesting the hallway, the master bath, the border in the master bedroom and, steamer in hand, started work shortly after we unpacked the boxes. As of today, there’s still wallpaper in some of the master bath. And a little bit of that hallway. And pretty much the entire border in the master bedroom remains intact. There’s also a partially-tiled closet which I have vowed to complete. It’s only been about six years so there’s no huge hurry at this […]

Fun With Website Data

Two weeks ago I attended WordCamp Phoenix, a gathering of like-minded geeks who are exploring the power of the WordPress blogging platform. If that read like Greek to you, basically it’s people who have websites using the same software as this one. Truth be told, while I have a pretty good idea what I’m doing among the real estate set, there was a level of geek well beyond anything I ever imagined. And I mean that in a good way. (What I don’t mean in a good way was that it was frightening watching 20-somethings who can tell me what […]

Featured Neighborhood – Coyote Lakes, Surprise Arizona

Beginning with this month’s All Phoenix Real newsletter, I’m going to spotlight one neighborhood at a time. Not subscribed to the newsletter yet? No worries, you can add yourself to the list on our subscription page. Once upon a time, before Del Webb and a dozen other developers discovered the city of Surprise and expanded north and west, Coyote Lakes was built. It’s creation dates back to ancient times in Surprise terms – all the way back to the (gasp) mid-1990s. Coyote Lakes consists of 771 houses on Surprise’s far eastern edge, less than a mile down road from […]

Answering the Universe’s Most Crucial Question

Feel free to print this and carry it on your wrist a la an NFL quarterback while you’re looking for homes, all in answer to the universe’s most pressing question, “Why is This Home Still on the Market?” People didn’t like the tile People didn’t like the carpet People didn’t like the linoleum People didn’t like the popcorn ceiling People didn’t like the paint People didn’t like the wallpaper People thought the house was too dark People thought the house was too light There aren’t any ceiling fans There are too many ceiling fans so the air conditioner must not […]

Questions that Make a Guy Smile

Saw this on the tail end of a question on Trulia Voices this evening … And we want to make sure we don’t pick a neighborhood that has been hit especially hard by the real estate bubble burst. Hmmmm … might I suggest something in Fargo, perhaps? Because here in the Phoenix real estate market, you can’t really find a neighborhood that hasn’t felt the aftereffects of the run-up of 2005. Those $350,000 homes for sale you’re seeing now in Scottsdale? Those were in the $500K – $600K range (if not higher) back in the day. Yes, Virginia, even fancy […]