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A Brief Look at “Subject Tos”

This one’s dedicated to my Canadian readers, who usually are the ones to give me a list of “subject tos” for any offer they make. What’s a subject to? Things to which the offer is subject, friends. Or as we usually call them here in the States, contingencies. The Arizona Association of REALTOR’s Residential Purchase […]

Hail, Hail and Bank Owned Roofs

We talked about last October’s hail storm a few times in the fall, back when adjuster’s trucks were in everyone’s driveways and the air was filled with the sounds of nail guns pounding home new shingles. Who am I kidding … it’s still a common sound now, nearly seven full months after mother nature decided […]

My Own Version of March Madness

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around here for the past six weeks. Then again, given the traffic numbers since roughly Valentine’s Day, maybe you haven’t. And I can’t say I blame you much. “Why aren’t you writing,” you might rightfully ask. And the truth is, I’ve been writing nearly […]

Phoenix Real Estate Negotiations That Make You Shake Your Head

Tell me if you can made sense out of any of these scenarios … Scenario 1 A lender puts a home on the market. At some point thereafter, the lender has a roof inspector check the roof. The inspector tells the lender that the roof is going to need to be replaced because of hail […]

Alternate Realities: Spring Training and Buying Short Sales

Let me set the scene for you. (SURPRISE STADIUM, night. A spring training game drones on past the three-hour mark. Virtually every player with a real chance of making the roster of either club already has left the game, showered, and is on their way home. Suddenly, the visiting team rallies to take the lead […]

Charlie Sheen, Real Estate and Twitter

Once upon a time, there was this vaguely known and occasionally used Internet thingy called Twitter where people could write their thoughts in 140 characters or less and share them with, well, whoever wanted to hear such things. As with most things real estate agents attempt, there soon were experts telling us how to use […]

Random Thoughts on a Spring Saturday

The “experts” tell me this is exactly the kind of post that shouldn’t be written on a real estate blog – not SEO-friendly and all – but you know what? We’ll all live. Not sure if I’ve written it here so directly but, for those who don’t know, before I was a real estate agent […]

Let’s Talk About Phoenix Real Estate Searches

Now that you’re here, we’re not going to talk about the technical aspects of the search aside from the standing advice to start general and work your way down rather than start more specifically and lose good properties due to bad data. Rather, let’s talk a little bit about what happens once you’ve hit the […]

Our March Newsletter is Out …

… with only one typo and one dead link. So much for proof-reading. Here’s the main topic … if you haven’t subscribed yet, head on up to the top of the page here under Real Estate Articles and Help and have the real thing delivered to your Inbox at the start of the month. As […]