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Fallen Feathers Avian Rescue

Every now and then it’s possible to stumble across an absolute gem right in your own community. Such was the case this morning when members of a local National Elementary Honor Society volunteered at Fallen Feathers, an avian rescue in Peoria. Driving into the neighborhood north of Liberty High School, you never would know there was hidden in plain sight a home for injured birds. But there it was, with cages filled with owls, turkey vultures, falcons, parrots, cockatoos, a raven who speaks (but would not say “nevermore”) and the like. Some are in the midst of being rehabilitated for […]

Want A Vacation Getaway at a Steep Discount?

Just saw this one come across the RSS feed in Westbrook Village. Bank owned and priced about $12,000 or so below current market for similar properties. Want to know more about how you can spend your winters here in the sun rather than knee deep in snow and slush? Drop me a line. [idx-listing mlsnumber=”4573430″ showextradetails=”true” showfeatures=”true” showlocation=”true”]

Another Westbrook Village Success Story

This afternoon, a pair of buyers from Winnipeg closed escrow on a casita in Westbrook Village’s Windsor Square. They’re now the 10th clients of mine to buy or sell in Westbrook over the past couple of years, joining a lot of fellow Canadians and some escapees from Colorado and New York. These are the days I really enjoy … handing someone the keys to their new vacation home. Want to be next? I’m easy to find. View Westbrook Village Sales in a larger map

Double Dip? Not Now, Not in the Phoenix Market

For those of you who couldn’t bear to watch yesterday’s video (and hey, I don’t necessarily blame you all that much … I have to look at me, after all, and you don’t) here’s a little more about’s accurate yet misleading report about real estate being in a double dip. Here is the average price per square foot for homes in the Phoenix real estate market according to The Cromford Report: Right now, the Phoenix market is at about the same price per square foot as it was last September. That alone eliminates any argument about a double dip, […]

Don’t Trust CNN for Local Real Estate News

New on our channel on YouTube:

Comments Via Facebook Now Live

Now that the Phoenix Real Estate Guy is my broker, I don’t feel nearly so bad about ripping off trying some of the same ideas he’s using on his website. So, as of this morning (thanks to some technical issues last night), you now can comment on posts here through a remarkably Facebook like commenting system. And these comments will appear on our Facebook Page for All Phoenix Real And speaking of that page, if you haven’t stopped by to “like” us – or worse, you haven’t told your friends about us – please take a couple of minutes […]

Goldwater Institute: Doctor Fish Yes, Phoenix Coyotes No

Wonder if the Goldwater Institute will be as accommodating for anyone who loses their job or goes out of business if the Phoenix Coyotes leave because of their interference in the sale at the behest of … well, no one. Apparently the Institute thinks the state’s Board of Cosmetology knows little about the use of flesh-eating fish as a spa treatment … kinda like other groups out there know little about the practical realities of professional sports franchises. Here’s the link from the Phoenix New Times.

Transcript from Glendale’s Meeting with the Goldwater Institute

Thank goodness Glendale’s attorney already referred to grandstanding so I won’t have to. Here’s the transcript from the city’s meeting with Matthew Hulsizer, the prospective buyer of the Coyotes, and the Goldwater Institute folks. (Yes, that’s the link to the Winnipeg Free Press. Not in the mood to link to Goldwater, though I can’t help but wonder what Barry – a fervent supporter of this, his state – would think of this whole thing.) Don’t always agree with what the city does but I absolutely agree with one thing, as someone who plays in the newspaper toy department (how the […]

Scottsdale Discovers Glendale for the Wrong Reasons

From a recent letter to the editor in The Arizona Republic … If Matthew Hulsizer understands hockey and knows how to market it, according to your editorial (“Stirring end or new tomorrow?” Friday), then let him buy the team with his own funds and keep the taxpayers out of it. I applaud the stance of the Goldwater Institute in looking out for the taxpayers. Okayfine. Except the comment is from someone who lives in Scottsdale. He doesn’t live in Glendale. He doesn’t work in Glendale, most likely. And, given the history of East Valley residents when it comes to us […]

The April Newsletter is Out …

… but I’m too tired from wrestling a broken vacuum breaker on my back hose bib to type.

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