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Why Calling on For Sale Signs to Buy a House Doesn’t Work

Bob knows exactly the house he wants. He knows the city. He knows the price. He knows the size. He knows he needs at least a three-car garage. He knows he needs a pool. Given this is 2011, Bob starts searching for homes online to see what might work for him in his given area. In an instant he sees several possibilities and contacts a local agent to set up appointments to take a look at the homes. Maybe Bob was looking at Zillow or Trulia or Realtor.Com, all real estate search sites and none of which are set up […]

Memorial Day 2011

There are times when words simply are inadequate. And while the History Channel may have chosen Memorial Day – a day on which we remember those who gave their lives in defense of this great nation – as the appropriate day for a Pawn Stars marathon rather than something, you know, Historic, not all of us have forgotten what the day means. In the midst of your barbecues, swimming, final vacation day, whatever, just take a moment and remember …

Jorge Posada and Pricing Your Home to Sell

“Who’s Mike Schmidt?” This was the question that had my head shaking last night, asked by a Yankees fan who admittedly doesn’t know a great deal about baseball other than the abhorrent number “27” as in “27 championships” and that Joe Girardi isn’t a good manager. So much for that number 27, eh? Where the discussion began was with Jorge Posada, the Yankees’ long-time catcher now turned designated hitter except Posada’s really more of a designated swinger. If all you have to do is swing the bat and you’re not batting .200, then “hitter” shouldn’t be in your job description […]

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