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Why Calling on For Sale Signs to Buy a House Doesn’t Work

Bob knows exactly the house he wants. He knows the city. He knows the price. He knows the size. He knows he needs at least a three-car garage. He knows he needs a pool. Given this is 2011, Bob starts searching for homes online to see what might work for him in his given area. […]

Memorial Day 2011

There are times when words simply are inadequate. And while the History Channel may have chosen Memorial Day – a day on which we remember those who gave their lives in defense of this great nation – as the appropriate day for a Pawn Stars marathon rather than something, you know, Historic, not all of […]

Jorge Posada and Pricing Your Home to Sell

“Who’s Mike Schmidt?” This was the question that had my head shaking last night, asked by a Yankees fan who admittedly doesn’t know a great deal about baseball other than the abhorrent number “27” as in “27 championships” and that Joe Girardi isn’t a good manager. So much for that number 27, eh? Where the […]

Scottsdale Real Estate via the Calgary Herald

Saw this Scottsdale real estate article come across the wires this morning. From the Calgary Herald: Median prices vary significantly across Scottsdale, increasing from the southern section to the newer developments in the north, with family homes, condos and resort-style properties ranging from the $100,000s to multi-million dollar estates. And now with the loonie at […]

Buying After Short Sales, Foreclosures and Bankruptcy

Here’s a rundown from Jason Servais at Bank of America. Keep in mind these are general guidelines and as such there always may be exceptions:   Conventional Fannie Mae FHA VA Foreclosure 7 yrs 3 yrs 2 yrs Short Sale 2 yrs W 80% ltv 5 yrs w 90% ltv 7 yrs higher 3 yrs […]

RealtyTrac’s Phoenix Real Estate Numbers Don’t Add Up

This turned out to be an excellent way to get the blood pressure surging before bed: From KTVK, our local Channel 3: According to RealtyTrac, the foreclosures in Arizona are selling at a discounted rate of 25 percent less than other home sales. As painful as that is for your home value in the short […]

Looking to Downsize Your Phoenix Real Estate?

Then clearly this is the house for you! That is the full size of the photograph in the Arizona Regional MLS. REO agents … I get it. You’re busy. Swamped, even. But is it too much to ask that you at least pretend that you give a damn? Thank you.

More About the New York Times Real Estate Article

From the book Scorecasting: Those of us in the sports media have an interest in selling the most extreme scenario. Collectively, they (we?) pick and choose data accordingly. This book is about statistics, how the data often debunks common “knowledge” on a variety of sports subjects. And in that one paragraph, it also summarized one […]

Real Estate Listing Games That Should be Illegal

Actual remarks from the Arizona Regional MLS, buried in the “private” remarks section: Approved at $60,000 ON A SHORT SALE. Good enough. Except for one small detail. The home’s listed for sale at $49,000, a price reduction authorized by the seller and entered by the listing agent in March. But here’s the best part, also […]

Now Batting and Missing the Point About Phoenix Real Estate – The New York Times

In an article tangentially about the Phoenix real estate market with a dateline of El Mirage (apparently the newspaper industry’s doing better than thought if the Gray Lady can send reporters halfway across the country to look at for sale signs): Five years after the housing market started teetering, economists now worry that the rise […]