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A Spin Through the Real Estate Markets

From Forbes, with a hat tip to the wonderful Kris Berg of San Diego Castles Realty: As for the housing market and what home prices are doing nationally right now, Clear Capital, Zillow and Case-Shiller are all saying generally the same thing, despite offering slightly conflicting home price numbers.  The home buyer tax credits pushed […]

Life on the Water, Glendale Style

The Valley of the Sun is the land of 10,000 man-made lakes. Okay, maybe not 10,000. But there are an awful lot of them and have been for the past 40-odd years. Growing up in the East Valley, I always loved The Lakes in Tempe. Now, it’s Arrowhead Lakes and Tuscany Shores in Arrowhead Ranch […]

What Makes a Real Estate Coverage Area

Over the past few days I’ve been debating the idea of coverage areas. Not in the sense of the AT&T/Verizon/Sprint battles where there are maps overrun in colored hues like a USA Today weather map, but in the sense of real estate and particularly the Phoenix real estate market. Maricopa County is a large, large […]

Inside Baseball: On Redfin and Active Rain

Some inside baseball … this may not interest the non-real estate set, aside from the glimpse it provides into my thinking. Which could be interesting. Or frightening. This past week I had the opportunity to interview with Redfin, a discount real estate company, about the chance to be an “overflow” referral agent. Seems that Redfin […]

Throwing Up as Many Obstacles as Possible in Marketing

“Please call [REDACTED}. Listing agent [REDACTED] emergency number [REDACTED} for showing instructions.” Seems simple enough. Call the office per instructions because the listing agent couldn’t be bothered to use one of Supra’s electronic lockboxes that give agents access, or to put the lockbox combination in the listing. Office has zero information about this house. Before […]

The House, The Seller and The Real Estate Market

This is the story of a house. It’s not a particularly unique house, given that it’s in the middle of a subdivision in the Phoenix real estate market, but it’s a house that has seen the highs and the lows of the Phoenix market. I first saw this house back in December 2006 when I […]

Still Think It’s a Buyer’s Market?

Yesterday I posted a listing of what you can buy for $100,000. The main reason I chose this house is that it had a pool and it wasn’t a short sale. As you can see through the conversation in the comments, this isn’t the only fish in the sea as it were though it was […]

What $100,000 Buys You in the Phoenix Real Estate Market

Want to know what $100,000 can buy you in the Phoenix real estate market? Figure with taxes and insurance and a sub-5 percent interest rate, payments would be under $700 a month – less than the cost of rent, for those keeping score. [idx-listings county=”Maricopa” minprice=”10000″ maxprice=”100000″ minbeds=”3″ minbaths=”2″ statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”317″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”25″]

The Scary State of Phoenix Real Estate

When you’ve been in the real estate business for a few years, names of other agents start to become quite familiar and seeing a familiar name on an unfamiliar sign always draws a little extra attention. Over the past two years, with the rush of bank owned homes in full swing, it’s become more and […]

Father’s Day Respite

There are precious few days I take completely off during the year … I can count them on one hand, actually. And while I’ve already put in some time today, I’m officially taking the rest of the day off … Enjoy the tunes.