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Grass, Beagles and Real Estate

When I purchased my home, I discovered during the home inspection that there was not a timer on the sprinkler system. At the time, this didn’t seem like a particularly large problem as all I’d need to do was walk outside to turn on the sprinklers myself. The flaw in the thinking was forgetting that […]

Public Service Announcement for Home Sellers

In the world of real estate, I’m pretty good. In the world of household repair and landscape, I’m more or less inept. But even I can do the one think that any seller looking to sell a home this time of year ought to consider: plant a winter lawn. What you see on your right […]

HARP Revision – Some Additional Info

Here’s an interesting aspect of the changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program, better known as HARP, according to a story on Fox Business: Those who bought a house as their primary residence but now hold the property as an investment will be able to refinance through HARP at an additional cost. In other words, […]

HARP Finally Comes to the Phoenix Real Estate Market

Let’s jump into the Wayback Machine to February 2009, when President Obama visited my alma mater, Dobson High School in Mesa, and unveiled the Home Affordable Refinance Program. At the time I wrote: The overall goal is to modify loans in manners that allow homeowners to remain in ther homes rather than face foreclosure. Eligibility […]

Sounds of Silence

Advice on how to begin a blog has been a cottage industry the past several years. You can’t swing a proverbial cat by the proverbial tale and not hit someone who will tell you of all the fun and profit to be had through social media (blogging, Twitter, Facebook) and tell you how to get […]

Looking for Value? Talk to the Paw!

Among the more silly shows I watch are Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, where viewers are guaranteed to see paranormal specialists continually seeing things just off camera. (For in-frame chills, check out the trailer for Paranormal Activity 3; I’ve not turned off my lights since seeing the “Bloody Mary” clip.) Almost every episode has a […]

Tick tock tick tock tick tock …

… the clock continues to run and yet there is no response forthcoming. State statutes account for this situation though I’m not certain whether it’s best to invoke the rules. Thursday evening I submitted an offer on a short sale on behalf of one of my clients. Since then, I’ve called to make sure it […]

Hot or Not: A Tale of Two E-mails

I find myself wondering today whether I suck or not. I can handle all the talk of sales data being published, even though it will have zero context as to what may constitute “good”, and I can deal with the idea of online agent reviews, though I know people tend to be much more bold […]

Of Redfin, Brad Meltzer, ESPN, MLS Data and the Freemasons

To gear up for this season’s debut of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, I DVR’d last season’s episodes and spent a chunk of the weekend working my way through them. (It was the episode on Confederate Gold, that first caught my interest in the spring and led me to start reading his novels, some of which I’ve […]

Focusing on the Task at Hand

Here’s what happens on a day when I find myself staring at the computer screen, trying to settle on a topic for today’s post just in case someone’s still reading this blog: a sideline reporter (a profession I easily could live without) explains how a pitcher for the Texas Rangers picked up a book for […]