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2011 In Pictures

With a sincere thanks to all of my clients in 2011 and well wishes for 2012 for all!  

My Lingering Impressions of 2011

Here is how 2011 is coming to a close here at All Phoenix Real Estate World HQ: Was the LSR even legitimate?  I doubt it……. That is the overheated bleating of a data entry clerk bank owned listing agent upon learning that my buyer was denied for her loan. That this could happen was of […]

Smoking Deal Alert

If I had a nickel for every time a buyer has told me “if you find a smoking deal, let me know” I would be writing this post from Aruba and not my home office. (Actually, I wouldn’t be writing any posts – I’d be drinking Red Stripe and rum drinks starting at 8 a.m. […]

Mansions on Monday – December 26

After a month of watching Lexus commercials where cars wrapped in bows improbably appear in front of people’s homes, I thought I’d provide some similar eye candy in the real estate realm. Behold 10224 N Azure Vista in Fountain Hills’ Firerock Country Club. The views are incredible, the house is gorgeous and … did I […]

Merry Christmas from All Phoenix Real Estate

True story: last night I was in the St. Louis Blues’ locker room at Jobing.Com Arena, wearing my free-lance sportswriting hat and waiting roughly forever for Alex Steen to make an appearance. As three of us waited, one in the group inevitably started humming this song. You see, Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be here next week […]

When Digital Isn’t Enough …

Today I did something that once had been commonplace in my life but since has become incredibly rare – I purchased a book. Once upon a time, purchasing books was the norm for me – my overflowing living room and office shelves are testament to my fascination with history, Star Wars and other such topics. […]

CDPE: It May Not Mean What You Think it Means

Remember in The Princess Bride, when Vizzini kept saying this that and the other was “inconceivable” until Inigo Montoya tells him that he doesn’t think the word means what Vizzini think it means? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch the movie and then come back. I’ll wait. Go on.) I have […]

The Contract is Black and White, Isn’t it?

There was a rather interesting thread this past week on Trulia Voices, all revolving around the concept of the earnest deposit. In theory, once a contract is accepted, the buyer (or their agent) opens escrow and deposits a check as the earnest deposit – essentially a good-faith deposit representing the buyers’ intent to purchase the […]

White Christmas? Not Exactly

It’s said a picture is worth 1,000 words. So consider this to be my 1,000 word essay explaining why I love living in Phoenix this time of year.

Buying a Home? Let’s Get Help From the Peanut Gallery!

About a half-century ago, a brilliant promoter by the name of Bill Veeck owned a sad-sack major league team called the St. Louis Browns. Veeck would do nearly anything in the name of attendance and publicity, which were the only battles the Browns really ever could hope to win. One night at Sportsman’s Park in […]