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Phoenix Real Estate in Limbo

After watching several HUD homes pop onto the market the past few days – HUD homes are another version of foreclosures, FHA loans gone bad – I thought I’d check out the overall inventory. Limbo Rock immediately came to mind. As of a few minutes ago, there are 11,516 single-family detached homes for sale in Maricopa County. That’s it. Total active residential listings of any kind, anywhere in Maricopa County? 14,784. Total active residential listings of any kind, anywhere in the state in the Arizona Regional MLS? 17,750. Just for fun – total active residential listings of any kind anywhere […]

Horton Hears a Real Estate Blogger

Perspective always is a good thing to have. Perspective is the one thing that makes it exceedingly difficult for me to be merely a sports fan in the stands after a quarter of a century in the press boxes. Perspective is knowing I don’t watch The Bachelor religiously and read Kristen Baldwin’s hilarious recaps on Entertainment Weekly because I believe true love is in the air. Rather, it’s the perverse enjoyment of watching a weekly 120-minute train wreck. Perspective is knowing it doesn’t matter how many comments I receive here or whether I’m considered one of the cool kids of […]

Mansions on Monday – January 30

What makes a mansion? Honestly, I’ve got no clue. Every post has relied on the price tag more than anything else. But that got me thinking, does 4,000 square feet count? Does it have to have eight bathrooms? As I debate such things, here’s a 4,000-square foot house in Peoria. You can try and duplicate those views over on the east side, but you’ll be paying a nice premium to do so. [idx-listing mlsnumber=”4632483″ showall=”true”]

Syndicated Listings and Selling Myths

Before you chalk this post up to so-called inside baseball, consider this. You or someone you love likely has used or will use Trulia, Zillow or Realtor.Com to search for homes in the belief you are getting an accurate view of the local real estate market. Sadly, that’s not at all the case – not that any of those sites ever will admit it. This should matter to you as a consumer; whether it does is your call. If you are the type who prefers to be dazzled by rainbows and ladybugs while ignoring what really does make things happen, […]

Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges

This morning, as I fight off either allergies or the edge of a cold (or the after-effects of too many McDonalds meals on the road this week), I’m going to blatantly piggyback on the lovely and talented Kris Berg of San Diego Castles Realty. It seems the California Association of REALTORS has created a badge agents can put on their website to show that they are Realtors, pay their dues to all-mighty NAR and subscribe to the voluminous Code of Ethics. What caught my eye was this little tidbit … You want someone that you can trust. Did you know […]

Dear REO Agent, Whose Best Interest Are Your Serving

As I pored through the listings today looking for homes for an investor of mine I saw this note: Please note that Bank of America or Merrill Lynch pre-qualification is REQUIRED on all financed offers Okayfine. Happens all the time on foreclosed homes owned by Bank of America. Except … Current Owner WELLS FARGO BANK NA Can anyone tell me why Wells Fargo is requiring all prospective buyers to get prequalified with Bank of America? Or is this a case where the listing agent is making up his own requirements without the guidance (not to mention permission) of the seller […]

Spring Training Primer – Real Estate Near Maryvale Stadium

Last year, I said I was going to highlight homes for sale around the Valley’s multiple spring training complexes. A year later, I’m finally going it. Hundreds and more make their way to the Phoenix area each spring to watch one of the 15 teams getting ready for the season and all of these folks need places to stay. Some choose hotels; others, such as many of the folks here to watch teams from colder climes, come out for the month and choose seasonal rentals. Whether for your on pleasure or for the opportunity to roll in some decent dollars […]

Mansions on Monday – Walmart Edition, January 23

Don’t you love Walmart pricing? Nothing ever is an even dollar amount, it’s always just a hair short of the dollar so even though you’re paying almost a dollar, those three cents make you feel better about things. Little did you know that the same theory also applies to luxury home pricing, as evidenced by the below home located in Scottsdale’s Saguaro Heights area. Before we get there, though, a quick aside … if the mansions aren’t necessarily your style or, more to the point, your budget, stop by our All Phoenix Real Estate Facebook page for some beautiful homes […]

Etiquette at Open Houses

Before this year started I set what was and is an audacious goal – one sale per week, every year for all of 2012. Keep in mind I have no bank owned listing contract allowing me to rake in the transactions while performing next to no actual real estate. My business consists primarily of helping buyers find the properties that they want either for their families, as second homes or as investments. Real estate is like any other business in as much as I need a certain multiple of clients in order to result in the number of sales I […]

New Continuing Education Core Track

Editor’s note: When I conceived of this last night and wrote it on Active Rain this morning, I had every intention of leaving it there. But frankly, I just like this post too much not to share. Every two years, real estate agents in the state of Arizona are required to complete 24 hours of contining education. Most of these hours are separated into a variety of categories – Agency, Commissioner’s Standards, Fair Housing, Legal Issues, Contract, etc. – and are designed to keep agents apprised of changes to the laws while also maintaining their knowledge in the general subjects. […]

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