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Could There Be Inventory Relief in Sight?

Years ago I was visiting friends in Dallas and discovered something interesting about an area surrounded by absolutely no mountains whatsoever – when you see a storm cloud on the horizon, slowly growing larger, it’s coming for you and there’s nothing that’s going to stop it. That’s not the way storms work here in the […]

Emerging from the Rabbit Hole

Or, at least, shifting the insanity that is the current debates over online real estate to my long-forgotten Real Estate 1 Point 5 site since there’s a more than excellent chance that I’m starting to bore my three readers. Once upon a time this was of less concern – I happily wrote about national issues […]

And in Other News, the Sky’s Still Blue

That little vein is starting to throb in the center of my forehead, which means there must be another article out there touting a company stating the obvious. Yep, here it is … Product Manager for Statistics and Trends at Redfin, Tim Ellis wrote, “Apparently every weekend is open-house weekend in San Francisco. In fact, […]

It’s the Same Old Song But You Don’t Hear the Real Tune

The calls always start off about the same way … “would you like some more business?” I’ve gotten quite used to answering that question in the negative, not because it’s true but because, as my dear friend Teresa Boardman pointed out, the sales monkeys sitting in the boiler rooms have no idea what to do […]

A Blog Day Without Snark, Doom or Hysteria

Twitter usually explodes during these events; today, the only two items of note I saw were the unexpected appearance of Jay Thompson (less than a week after a heart attack and a couple of stint insertions) and the statistically accurate and largely irrelevant note that 60 percent of all people using Zillow aren’t working with […]

Real Estate Investors: Go Away, For Your Own Sake

Assuming you didn’t take my advice based solely on the headline, here’s the line of thought for today inspired by an e-mail I sent one of my investors on Monday: In this market, with inventory as thin as it is, about the only way to secure a home is to overpay for it. There are […]

Quick Notes on Eagle Heights New Builds

Right now, the dominant trend in the new build arena is the completion of long-abandoned projects. It’s happening in Tolleson in communities such as Country Place and Hurley Ranch and it’s happening in Glendale in Eagle Heights, between Loop 101 and Deer Valley Road on 75th Avenue. Originally conceived as $700,000-plus luxury homes when the […]

Shafts of Blue Amid the Gathering Clouds

Let’s see … There are thunderstorms expected from the western Great Lakes through north Texas. Snow (seriously, in April?) is expected north of the frozen tundra of Green Bay. And temperatures in the Ohio Valley are in the 70s and 80s. All of which, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with our high today […]

The Bedrock of the Market

I’m a sucker for David McCullough’s histories. And so it was that last year I found myself reading “The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge” and learned of the marvels of engineering involved with this iconic landmark’s construction. Some may find the creation of Roebling wire the most interesting; […]

Playoff Hockey and Phoenix New Builds

It’s virtually impossible to describe playoff hockey to someone who hasn’t experienced it. There is a palpable energy in the building, the sensation of 18,000 people holding their breath simultaneously and releasing at sporadic moments throughout the game – a shot on a goal, a crisp pass and, especially, a hard check into the boards. The […]