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Creating Your Home in Peoria and Glendale Arizona

What is the difference between a house and a home? As corny as it may sound, it’s the heart. This past weekend, we spent the weekend at a beautiful classic bungalow in North Hollywood, just south of Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the insanity and inanity of Hollywood Boulevard. Originally built in 1921, the house has […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory May Be Stabilizing

A quick check of the Arizona Regional MLS shows just over 7,700 single family detached homes on the market – a total that has held steady, give or take 100 homes, for the past week to 10 days. And that leads to the conclusion that after nine months of falling inventory, we ┬ámay finally have […]

Create Your Own Phoenix Vacation Rental

Today will be a different experience for the family, as we head to an undisclosed location to enjoy a few days in a vacation rental. Why we have opted for hotels all this time when such properties were available, I’ve got no idea. Vacation rentals are abundant in Phoenix but remain in high demand, especially […]

How Deep is the Phoenix Market Recovery?

Within the next handful of weeks, we’ll likely know the depth of the Phoenix real estate market’s recovery. Many signs appear to point to the month of June as the time when, if there is shadow inventory to be found, it will hit the market. In the interim, the mere fact the Phoenix real estate […]

New to the Market! Wait, Never Mind …

For all the talk of marketing, so much of what happens with a listing depends on market conditions. For instance … Usually, I build a single-property website with photographs and descriptions of the home. Usually, I’ll post the listing to Facebook and Twitter, just in case someone among the large circle of Facebook friends knows […]

News I Think You Knew

This just in on the high-speed news wire … home sales surged in the month of April, according to the National Association of REALTORS, as reported today on CNN/Money. Sales hit 4.62 million homes during the month on an annualized basis, a rise of 3.4% compared with a month earlier and up 10% from April […]

Phoenix Makes the Good List on TheStreet.Com

For the past few years, ever since the real estate market collapsed in late 2005/early 2006, it was de rigeur for the Phoenix real estate market to make all the kinds of lists that homeowners wouldn’t want to see – highest foreclosure rates, largest drops in value, most homeowners underwater. So it’s rather nice to […]

Things You Don’t See Every Day in Phoenix

It’s always an adventure when you venture into the historic districts of central and east Phoenix. Builders back in the 40s clearly had no sense of flow; the house was less a showpiece than a place to hang your hat. But what you lose in modern conveniences, such as garages or, quite often, dishwashers, you […]

Where the Bachelorette and Real Estate Collide

Yes, it’s May once again which means we’re off on another journey with The Bachelorette. Join us over the next two months as dear, sweet, “26” year old Emily sifts through 25 talking mannequins to find true love, a father for her daughter and someone with whom to fill a minivan with babies. It’s always […]

Perspective After 35 Years in the Desert

Before I became a real estate professional, I was a human being. This could come as a shock to some, but there it is. When I was growing up on the Dobson Ranch in Mesa, there were apartments about a half-mile away – the Haystacks, so named because they greatly resembled barns. Don’t bother looking […]