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FHA Home Buyers – The News is Getting Worse

Here’s a little known (dubious) fact … In the original script for Groundhog Day, the character played by Bill Murray was supposed to be an FHA appraiser, not a weatherman. The studios, however, felt it would be difficult for the public to relate to the all-too-real scenario of an FHA appraiser trapped forever in the past. Think it’s just fiction? Ask anyone trying to purchase a home in the Phoenix real estate market by using FHA financing whether the appraiser for their loan has any idea what year this is. From the Phoenix Business Journal this week … Median single-family home […]

“Phoenix Overshot the Downside”

From Steve Cook of the BiggerPockets real estate investment blog: A new study of some of the hardest hit markets like Phoenix suggests that prices have been so low that they have been offering bargains for buyers because they became detached from economic fundamentals and now prices are rising as inventories reach record lows. “Phoenix provides a good case study of a market which has been in transition over the past year,” said Tom O’Grady, CEO of Pro Teck Valuation Services.  “Market drivers here have all turned positive for home prices, with months of remaining inventory (MRI) dropping to the lowest […]

Phoenix Vacation Rental to Be Waiting for a Buyer

Just take a moment and enjoy that view … Doesn’t necessarily seem like it’s Phoenix, does it? Rather than the mountains or ubiquitous cacti, imagine waking up with a view of the lush, verdant grounds of Phoenix’s Japanese Friendship Gardens. Contrast that with the view up north in the winter … ice where the water is, snow covering the grass, the bitter chill of winter waiting outside the arcadia door. Going to tell me this kind of property wouldn’t make a tremendous winter vacation rental? Portland Place is the result of the short-lived boom in Phoenix loft living back in […]

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