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Moving Again, For the Last Time I Hope

What to say, what to say … One of the reasons I have remained in real estate through thick and thin the past several years is the notion of autonomy – the ability to run my business as a business and, so long as I remain within the guidelines of state statute, the NAR Code of Ethics, and Arizona commissioner’s standards, to run in it any manner that I see fit. What I do in terms of marketing, in terms of advertising, in terms of attracting buyers and sellers and in terms of working to get my listings sold is […]

Bachelor Pad, Or How Zillow Made Every Homeowner Mental

I’m going to admit up front, I have absolutely no rationalization for this. This is not like suffering through The Bachelor/The Bachelorette or Dancing With the Stars in the misguided hope that I will be currying favor with my spouse. This is not like watching America’s Got Talent with the family as we dull our minds en masse. Simply put, there is no even slightly redeeming reason to watch the train wreck that is Bachelor Pad. And yet I do, ever since the first episode aired while I was in CVICU and I postponed my nightly rehab walk to see […]

Coming Soon: 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath Casita in Peoria – Westbrook Village

Sure, right now temperatures are in the glorious teens and 20s (Celsius, of course) and it’s hard to picture a time when the temperatures will fall once again and the earth around you will be covered with snow. Here’s what that looks like, in case you forgot —-> Brings chills to the bones, does it not? If I might be allowed to make a modest suggestion, that really isn’t the view you ought to be enjoying this winter. Not when you can walk onto your patio and see something more along the lines of this … That is the 16th […]

It’s Getting Lonely Here in the Real Real Estate World

Tangent alert … just need to get some thoughts off my chest. This morning came the news that the National Association of REALTORS hired two soon-to-be-former agents to fill the positions of Director of Digital Engagement and Director of Social Business Practice. The first position is old, though in its several years of existence I haven’t quite figured out what great strides were made because of it, and the second position is brand new. Here I sit, a dues paying NAR member whose wife works so we can have health benefits because NAR still can’t come up with a decent […]

An Annual Phoenix Haboob Discussion

Let’s get this out of the day as we did last year at about the same time. Unless you’re on network television, it’s not a “haboob”. It’s a dust storm. And, when it rolls in like the one that came through last night, it’s absolutely awesome in the truest sense of the word. Years ago I watched a show about Hollywood special effects through the ages and it showed the special effects guy many, many decades ago using a couple of round pieces of steel wool rolling across a model landscape to simulate the Dust Bowl. That’s what last night’s […]

About Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Levels

As part of our continuing coverage into the slight change in the Phoenix real estate market, we bring you some perspective … Yesterday, we talked about Phoenix real estate inventory climbing past 8,000 for the first time in a couple of months. As of this morning, it’s nudged even higher and is now over 8,100 single family detached homes across Maricopa County. As was quickly pointed out over on Google+, it’s still damned hard to get an offer accepted for a buyer – cash or otherwise – below $175,000 or so. There remains a great deal of demand and just […]

Timing Your Short Sale – How Much Do You Trust Congress?

That simple question should scare the hell out of anyone facing the possibility of foreclosure and have been mulling whether to sell theirhome via a short sale. Once upon a time, a short sale of a home was a taxable event. The difference between what the homeowner owed and the sales price of the home would appear on a 1099 as taxable income, adding IRS insult to financial and credit injury. Then the Mortgage Forgiveness Relief Act was paid in 2007 and, for most homeowners who are short selling their primary residence that write-off was no longer taxable. (There remain […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Reaches a Milestone

It’s been about six weeks in the making but here it is … For the first time since the early spring, there are more than 8,000 single family detached homes for sale in the Phoenix real estate market. What’s unexpected is the source – bank owned homes still make up less than 10 percent of the total market (there are 740 as of the moment) and distressed sales (REOs and short sales) only make up 18 percent of the market total. What we’re seeing are a combination of investor flips – homes generally purchased at the trustee’s sale for quarters […]

North Phoenix Home For Sale – 3 Bedrooms Plus Den With a Pool

There are many homes for sale in Phoenix where it’s clear the owner never had any intention of moving if they had a choice. This home in Arizona Hillcrest – north of Sandra Day O’Connor High School along 33rd Avenue in north Phoenix – is just one such property. From the granite counters to the brown wood plantation shutters to the backyard oasis with the pool and the spa, this home was meant to be the owners’ show place. But circumstances changed and they now are selling the home via a short sale. And now it can be your show […]

Additional Hints of Change in the Phoenix Real Estate Market

If this were a movie, there would be some dramatic, suspenseful, chilling music beginning to play in the background. Think of the theme from Jaws or Halloween. Last week I met with some people looking for properties in the $150,000 range in the North Valley. What I discovered this morning, quite to my surprise, is there are such properties on the market and many have been on the market for a minimum of a couple of weeks. These are traditional sales – not bank owned, not short sales. And they have the power to turn what we think we know […]