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B of A Short Sale Timelines

For those wondering just how long their short sale might take, here’s the timeframes straight from the mouths of Bank of America (click for the larger version): If you have an FHA or VA loan, or if you’re applying through the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) program, the above timeline isn’t going to apply to […]

Fear the Fork

I’m likely supposed to write something about the Phoenix real estate market, or so the experts tell me. So … there are 8,549 single family detached homes for sale, which means inventory has remained stable after rising the two weeks prior. Good enough? Sweet … I’m off to Ted’s for a dog and the stadium […]

Again We’re Taught, There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

At the moment, I’m reading “Before the Storm – Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus,” my first foray into the life of Barry Goldwater. The closest I ever game to the legend himself was seeing the back of his head as he spoke to a classroom of journalism students when I was […]

Close Up On a Major Marketing Fail

You’ve got to pity some sellers. Granted, they are the ones who choose their agents but you sometimes have to wonder if they really know what they’re signing up for when their agents tell them all the wonderful things they do for marketing. There’s one brokerage out here who has a specific, mandatory form that […]

Inside a B of A Short Sale: The Game is Afoot

Here’s where short sales become fun, at least from an agent’s standpoint. On July 12, I put 3205 W Buckhorn Drive in Phoenix on the market. Within four days, it was under contract. On July 18, the short sale package and signed contract were sent to Bank of America. Within the week, the BPO (broker […]

Two Quick Inventory Notes

First, courtesy of AZCentral’s Catherine Reagor (with a hat tip to Dean Ouellette at the Phoenix Real Estate Guy), it appears the so-called shadow inventory took a bit of a hit last week deep in the, um, shadows … Several buyers were interested in the Phoenix houses Fannie Mae was selling. Originally, 341 in the […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Rising Quickly

Remember those halcyon days when there only were 7,200 single family detached homes on the market? That period quickly is becoming a distant memory. As of this morning, there are 8,571 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County – roughly 18 percent more than at the lows of June and roughly 7 percent more than […]

Health Care, Political Campaigns and the 3.8 Percent Tax

Yesterday afternoon, the wife and I went to see The Campaign.┬áMaybe I’m giving Adam McKay too much credit, but there was a really smart, really funny underlying parody of how campaigns and politics in America are handled. To see the already absurd lifted to an even more absurd level was sublime. And this leads to […]

We’re Forever Blowing (Real Estate) Bubbles in Phoenix

My good friend John Wake over at the Arizona Real Estate Notebook wrote a few days ago that the esteemed Robert Shiller (as in Case-Shiller, as in the Case-Shiller index which tracks home values in multiple metropolitan real estate markets) has said a bubble may be forming in Phoenix, Florida and other locales. Mr. Shiller […]

If I Had a Brain, I’d Be Dangerous

So, as you probably already know from prior posts, I’ve got a casita for sale in Westbrook Village. (Blatant plug: it remains the least expensive golf course property in Phase 2, which is Westbrook’s newer side.) As I drove up to meet with the owners, check out the new paint, install the lockbox and all […]