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Big Serious Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

The other day I received an e-mail from a potential buyer who’s a bit spooked by the current economic environment. Not a unique thought, as I vaguely alluded to a few days ago when I talked about the upcoming election. Durable goods orders were down, which isn’t a good thing economically speaking. In short, people are fixing their stuff – like an intrepid, beagle-owning real estate agent who keeps having to replace a pump on the washing machine because coins keep finding their way into pockets before they hit the laundry – rather than buying new stuff. There ought to […]

“I Don’t Like Any REALTORS Except My Own”

Fair enough. And not at all surprising, since nearly all the surveys in which real estate agents as a group are rated somewhere just this side of your average state politician or used car salesman, the caveat nearly always given is “except for my agent.” To be honest, I’m all for loyalty. It’s something that is in remarkably short supply in an industry where the prime qualification to be hired by someone isn’t necessarily the knowledge you have or the service you provide but rather your relation to a seller or buyers’ third cousin’s brother’s girlfriend’s hairdresser who sells part […]

Why the Presidential Election Results Will Impact Real Estate Less than You Think

Major disclaimer … this is one man’s opinion so take all of this for what it’s worth. If it causes you to think, good enough for me. Twelve years ago when I worked at Charles Schwab, we watched the NASDAQ bubble burst ahead of the 2000 presidential election. As we moved past Election Day and into the silliness that followed, the running line on the phones was that the markets would stabilize once the election was figured out. It was such a good line that I kept on using it well into 2001, eliciting a wry chuckle in most cases. […]

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