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Big Serious Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

The other day I received an e-mail from a potential buyer who’s a bit spooked by the current economic environment. Not a unique thought, as I vaguely alluded to a few days ago when I talked about the upcoming election. Durable goods orders were down, which isn’t a good thing economically speaking. In short, people […]

“I Don’t Like Any REALTORS Except My Own”

Fair enough. And not at all surprising, since nearly all the surveys in which real estate agents as a group are rated somewhere just this side of your average state politician or used car salesman, the caveat nearly always given is “except for my agent.” To be honest, I’m all for loyalty. It’s something that […]

Why the Presidential Election Results Will Impact Real Estate Less than You Think

Major disclaimer … this is one man’s opinion so take all of this for what it’s worth. If it causes you to think, good enough for me. Twelve years ago when I worked at Charles Schwab, we watched the NASDAQ bubble burst ahead of the 2000 presidential election. As we moved past Election Day and […]

Think You’re Clever, Mr. Flipper, For Not Providing a Disclosure Statement

It’s not often that an idea developed after the second beer of happy hour stands up just as well in the light of day, but this is one of those situations. We were discussing the idea of the Sellers Property Disclosure Statement and the generally automatic verbiage in investor listings that the SPDS will not […]

Why the Window to Sell Your Phoenix Real Estate is Closing

Quick note – if you prefer to get your news from the mainstream media who either are reporting on national trends or who are using data that’s a couple of months old, by all means, skip this post. This is more for those who want to know what’s happening right now, not the type of […]

The Scientific Method of House Shopping … or … You Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, Eh?

Imagine walking into a home and knowing automatically that the price was too high. You’ve never step foot in the neighborhood, never looked at a comparable sale and your total experience in real estate is having looked at dozens of homes yourself before finally deciding on one to purchase. Learning the home has been on […]

More Flawed Logic from the Pro-Zillow Camp

I know, I’m getting away from regular programming but suddenly I feel like I’m at the 1995 Source Awards. Dean’s a good friend of mine but his logic in embracing the beauty of Zestimates is horribly flawed. Perhaps it’s because the owner of his brokerage (and my former brokerage) works for Zillow and he’s toeing […]

Frivolous Lawsuits, Real Estate Division: Zestimates vs. Estimates

Word came down yesterday that Zillow, purveyors of remarkably inaccurate home valuations (not even going near the mythological listings lest I have to hear again that it’s not their fault) has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Trulia, recent purveyors of equally inaccurate home valuations. It seems Zillow is less than thrilled that another company […]

Big Short Sale News from B of A

Today in the inbox was a new message from Bank of America about its Short Sale Relocation Assistance Program. The long and short of it is qualifying sellers can apply to get their short sale through B of A pre-approved. If they go through the program and satisfy all the requirements, they could receive anywhere […]

B of A Short Sale – The End Game is Here

This morning I awoke to blessedly overcast skies and, even better, a short sale approval letter from Bank of America in my inbox. When I first met with my seller back in July, he fully expected to be on the hook for the home equity line of credit he had taken against the house – […]