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Saying Goodbye to 2012 – All Phoenix Real Estate Style

I was on the verge of writing every newspaper columnist’s crutch column and provide a list of New Year’s wishes and resolutions but changed my mind. Whether it’s simply having survived the Mayan nonpocalypse, making one more trip around the sun or, in my case, realizing I’m deep into my ninth year of real estate […]

Your Agent Wants a Six Month Listing? Seriously?

This was a dinosaur I thought long extinct, particularly in what has been one of the most active real estate markets in the nation. Yet yesterday I spoke to a former client, who listed with a friend of the family as seems to happen far too often, who signed a six-month listing agreement with the […]

Buyers: The Truth About Listing Agents

It’s interesting where the “related posts” feature at the bottom of all the posts can take a person. For instance, this one was the second link on the list. It’s a post originally written at the start of 2011 but, aside from the fact the co-broke now does appear in the expanded six-page Exclusive Right […]

2012: The Year in Pictures

From switching brokerages to adding a second buyers’ agent to watching values start to climb, it’s been a remarkable year. Oh, and there were quite a few buyers and sellers helped along the way …

Inside the Astragal Condominiums

The Astragal Condominiums are much like the hot new restaurant where reservations are booked for the next six months – there’s one hell of a long wait, but it’s worth it. Astragal is a gated, upscale condominium community at the corner of Raintree and Thompson Peak Parkway in Scottsdale. And what makes it challenging to […]

Merry Christmas from Tobey and the Gang

Oh, the first real estate Christmas with Tobey … this was some time ago, as evidenced by both his smaller stomach and lack of grey hair. The same goes for me now that I think about it. It’s absolute amazing we were able to get half of these photos with him standing still – enough […]

Quick Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Check

Not surprisingly, inventory has fallen off slightly over the past two weeks – only a raving lunatic would put their home on the market in the week before Christmas – so we’re down to 10,979 single family detached homes in Maricopa County as of the moment. Barring another drop in the prices, the sub-$50k housing […]

Glendale Real Estate – A Christmas Gift for Zillow

There’s a fairly consistent pattern with Zillow. Anytime someone questions the accuracy of the listings or a Zestimate, the Zillow elves spring into action asking for the address so they can correct the mistake. Never mind that the issues with inaccurate listings and Zestimate data are systemic; the elves are determined to fix these issues […]

Racing Short Sales to the End of the World

So many questions enter a person’s mind when they consider the world’s supposed to come to an end in a couple of days … Does it matter if I cover the plants tonight for the freeze warning when they’re going to be thawed and incinerated on Friday? Was it a wise idea to but that […]

Requiem for a Rescue Beagle

Editor’s note: Look, I know there have been far greater losses in the past week than that of a beagle. Please don’t think me insensitive or thoroughly without perspective. If you take a look through the archives, you’ll see this is how I best deal with the inevitable end of the line with our pets. […]