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Want to Buy Without Proof of Financing or Funds? Try the Phoenix Coyotes!

Just when those of us here in the Phoenix area thought the saga of the Phoenix Coyotes ownership was coming to an end, word comes that would-be owner Greg Jamison either never had the funding or couldn’t get his investors to commit to purchase the team – this after a year of work to purchase […]

Holding Back the Deluge With Two Hands

Many, many years ago I was a writer for the Arizona Capitol Times in downtown Phoenix. Back in the mid-90s, during the relative infancy of the internet, the Capitol Times had a service named LOLA, which allowed subscribers access to every bill introduced, every amendment made and the votes on all. It was a concept […]

New to the Market in Mesa

One week after multiple frost warnings is it too soon to start thinking about spring and summer? Not really. Not in the Phoenix area, where 70-degree days now mean we’re one final cold snap away from entering our mid- to late-February spring. So go ahead … think about afternoons and evenings on the back patio […]

Alvin Gentry, the Suns, Real Estate and the Blame Game

There’s an ancient maxim in sports that you can’t fire the players so you’ve got to fire the coach/manager. (Unless you’re Connie Mack and you happen to own the club.) Yesterday morning, the Phoenix Suns “parted ways” with their coach of the past four years, Alvin Gentry. For those not paying attention, the Suns have […]

Quick Look at Inventory Levels in Phoenix

Been a little busy with the winter retirement real estate season in full swing, so here’s a quick look at the numbers … As of the moment, there are 11,188 single family detached homes in Maricopa County. 52 are those are priced at $50,000 or under, 677 are at $100,000 or less. The most expensive? […]

Homeowners Associations in the News

Since my original idea for today’s post has blissfully slipped completely out of my head, we’ll go this direction: homeowners associations. In the Phoenix area, if you’re looking to purchase a home built from the mid-1990s on inside a subdivision (and generally excluding acreage properties), you’re virtually guaranteed to end up in a homeowners association. […]

Accepting the New Old Normal as Normal

I found myself banging my head against the steering wheel the other day while listening to ESPN Radio. There’s always the internal debate of whether the sports talk radio hosts really believe what they’re saying or are just trying to fill air time – I often hope for the latter – but the sheer stupidity […]

Instant Winter Rental for Sale in Sun Village

I came across this one in my travels yesterday. As the seller told me, they’re only taking their toothbrushes. Buy today, close escrow by month’s end or early February and either get out of the cold yourself or get it rented out for March while the rates are high. It’s really just about that easy. […]

Want $15,000 Toward Your Down Payment on a Phoenix Home?

If you’re looking to purchase a home in the City of Phoenix but may need some help with the down payment and closing costs, the city’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program may be a viable option for you. Through the NSP, eligible buyers may receive up to $15,000 when they purchase designated move-in ready properties. Now, there […]

Where to Live in Tempe to Watch Will Sutton and ASU

Surprising news came to the Arizona State football program when the incomparable Will Sutton, one of the nation’s top defensive linemen, announced he would be returning to Tempe for his senior season. Though he missed nearly two full games to injury, there seemed to be virtually no chance of Sutton coming back to Tempe despite […]