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Homes for Sale Near Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training

Yes, my friends, the temperatures finally are climbing back into the 70s and the 80s and the sound of baseballs thunking against mitts and rocketing off of bats is back in the air. Spring training – the Cactus League – has started once again with 15 of the 30 Major League teams calling Arizona home. […]

California Adventure, Radiator Springs and Do It Yourself Phoenix Real Estate

Yes, folks, last week was spent spending the GDP of some small African nations at the happiest moneysink place on earth, Disneyland, so expect a few Disney-inspired posts that should both entertain and justify the receipts I’m holding on to for next April. In case you were unaware of such things, there are two Disney […]

Is the Change in the Phoenix Real Estate Market All Hype?

Such is the state of the mainstream media, not to mention the its-a-great-time-to-buy ethos of the National Association of REALTORS, that it’s often difficult to determine whether the proclaimed recovery of the Phoenix real estate market is more hype than reality. Here are a few signs that would lead one to believe what we’re seeing […]

It’s Less About the Real Estate than the Sunshine

Here’s the reality of selling real estate in any of Phoenix’s active adult and retirement communities: it’s not the property I’m selling but the sunshine and the lifestyle. That’s why, when I’m writing the description for any of my listings in these communities, I leave the nitty gritty of the property itself to the bullet […]

Phoenix Real Estate By the Numbers – January 2013

Let’s take a look at the Phoenix real estate market by the numbers in January. And I promise, we’ll keep the lights on through the entire post. As of the moment, there are 11,025 detached homes for sale. As I said this weekend, that’s essentially the same level we’ve been at for the past couple […]

Quick Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Update

We’ll run through the January numbers on Monday but a couple of quick notes on the inventory … As of the moment, we’re at 11,092 single-family detached homes here in Maricopa County. That’s essentially the same number we’ve seen for the past couple of months, give or take a couple hundred. Also of interest, according […]