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Phoenix Real Estate Appraisal Trends

I touched on this ever so briefly on my Memorial Day/VA loan post yesterday (and thank you to all who shared that one across the interwebs.) Some 17 months after the real estate market well and truly turned here in the Phoenix area, appraisers are catching up. I’ve had recent listings where we had no trouble getting a contract but the sellers and I were crossing any appendage we could think of in anticipation of the appraisal. On at least two of these occasions, I didn’t there there was a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the appraisal. And yet […]

Memorial Day Surprises

On Sunday, a buyer of mine sent me a list of properties he wanted to look at yesterday. He’s a veteran and using a VA loan (because, really, if you can, why wouldn’t you.) On Monday – Memorial Day – I e-mailed the agents to set appointments, since only a couple of the properties were vacant. And on one, I also inquired whether the seller would accept a contract with a VA loan since neither FHA or VA was indicated. Long story short – the seller wouldn’t work with any VA buyers. Enjoy your Memorial Day, when we remember the […]

The Bachelorette and Phoenix Real Estate Circa 2009

Yes, dear readers, we’ve reached that time of year once again. Wasn’t in only January that we were “treated” to watching Sean the human Ken doll walk around with a shirt on as he started his journey for fame love? Be that as it may, we’re already back to see how dear, adorable not topless Desiree fairs as she’s presented with the task of finding a husband out of a group of 25 … um … well … I don’t know how to describe them, actually, except that at least a half-dozen are clones and another 10 are, for lack […]

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