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Before You Buy Those Fireworks in Maricopa County

… here’s a lesson in Arizona logic. It is legal to purchase fireworks at your local Walmart or Costco or from one of those white tents that seem to spring up like weeds across the Valley – the Arizona Legislature says so. Unfortunately, every municipality in Maricopa County except Gilbert and Mesa has outlawed their use […]

So As You Watch Your Roof Melt …

It’s too damned hot for me to put together a post of my own, especially as I’m one of those fools without a swimming pool. So I’m turning things over to the Phoenix Roofing Team for the day: Courtesy of: Phoenix Roofing Team

Phoenix Real Estate Market Forecast Depends on the Viewer

I’m in the midst of reading George RR Martin’s Songs of Fire and Ice, more commonly known as Game of Thrones thanks to the first novel and the HBO series, for the second time. And in the second book (as well as the second season) there is the emergence of the red comet, a comet […]

An Evening in The Bordello

Note, that says “The Bordello” and not “a bordello” since, as far as I know, there are no bordellos in Phoenix. (But hey, if you know of one …) The Bordello is the affectionate name given to Section 302 of Sun Devil Soccer Stadium by its denizens, La Furia Roja, the supporters’ group for the […]

Bernanke Declares the End of the World is Near

Did you hear the news yesterday? From the CNNMoney article … If unemployment falls to 7% by mid-2014, the Federal Reserve will stop buying U.S. bonds and mortgage backed securities, he said. That’s the first hard number the Fed has given for when it may end its stimulus policy, known as quantitative easing. For now, though, the […]

Termites Are Munching Two by Two Hurrah, Hurrah

Yesterday I received a call from a termite inspector about a house he’d checked out for one of my buyers. Apparently, there was the faintest sign of termite trails in the ceiling of the master bedroom in one of the corners; neither my buyer or I had noticed it when we were in the house. […]

When You Have $50K Burning a Hole in Your Pocket …

… and you’re looking to invest in the Phoenix real estate market, might I suggest not using it try and purchase a property in cash? I mention this because I received a pair of calls yesterday. One buyer’s maximum price point was $25,000, the other’s was $50,000. Consider this. The median sales price in the […]

New Home Community – Villages at Westridge Park

Yesterday I suggested new builds may be a less stressful way to go for FHA and VA buyers. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about … Villages at Westridge Park is a brand-new gated community located near Thomas Road and 75th Avenue. Floor plans range from 1,286 to 1,894 square feet and base prices […]

FHA and VA Buyers – Think About New Builds

Here’s the basic reality of purchasing a home with either a VA or FHA loan. It’s bloody difficult in this market, especially under $175,000. Why? It’s rather simple … Multiple offers are the norm and, if someone else comes in with cash, an FHA or VA offer is DOA. FHA offers often have seller concessions […]

Reserve at Plaza del Rio by Maracay Homes

Maracay Homes is building new homes in Peoria, just west of Loop 101 in Plaza Del Rio. The Reserve at Plaza del Rio features six different floor plans with square footage ranging from 1,404 to 2,492 and both one- and two-story models. Prices start at $204,000 for the smaller models and go up from there; […]