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Pricing Homes for Sale in Sun City

Local newspapers take great delight in writing stories that discuss the average selling price, or even the average selling price per square foot, of homes in a given city. But there’s a distinct flaw in the reportage – with incredibly rare exceptions, a city or town is too large an area for an average price […]

Homes for Sale in Phoenix are Spiking Higher

Inventory of homes for sale in the Phoenix real estate market is spiking higher by the day right now, causing the current rabid sellers’ market to calm down ever so slightly. As of the moment, there are 10,324 single-family detached homes for sale in Maricopa County. That’s still about 1,000 less than what we had […]

The Art of the Buyers Inspection Report

There’s nothing like the feeling of stepping into your new home for the first time. When it’s a new build, you know yours are the first feet (hopefully) to walk barefoot across the carpet and the scent of fresh paint still is in the air. When you purchase a resale home, however, it may not […]

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

That has been the general theme for the past year or so here around All Phoenix Real headquarters … or at least in the rooms of my house that’s don’t constitute the real headquarters for the dynastic monolith that is All Phoenix Real Estate. Big bulky furniture has given way to simpler designs, carpeting […]

All Peoria Contractors Are Not The Same

Even after nine years in the business, there’s room to learn something new. For most repair requests, I have recommended to my clients one of a couple of licensed contractors with whom I’ve done business in the past. This never has been an issue, until the past few days when it was and for one […]

An Aside for a Birthday …

Yes, I completed another trip around the sun earlier this month and started a new one, but that’s not what I’m talking about at the moment. Technically speaking, this here blogging adventure started in January 2006 when I started a blog back on the RealTown website. I beg of you, just skip the archives until […]

How to List Your Phoenix Home for Sale on Zillow

  Every day like clockwork, someone comes to my website looking for information on how to list their home for sale on Zillow. (The irony of someone who doesn’t want to use an agent using an agent’s website to find out how to use a free platform amuses me, but that’s another story.) It’s a […]

Quick Tip for Peoria AZ Sellers – VIDEO

It’s hot, mom had appointments and so did Tobey. So I’ll talk about Friday’s ridiculous jump in interest rates tomorrow, and for today leave you with a quick tip about how to prepare your home for sale. And, by the way, if you’re looking to sell for the highest possible dollar amount in the shortest […]

Phoenix Market Update – July 2013

It’s human nature … nobody wants to believe the good times are going to end. The Roaring 20s, with an economy built almost entirely on credit? What could possible go wrong? Troy? Forget what Cassandra has to say and pass the wine. The Roman Empire? Too big to fail. The honeymoon phase of any marriage […]

Honoring the Fallen in Yarnell

Also posted on … We watch the news from around the country in wonder of the natural disasters that take place in other areas. Hurricanes up and down the Atlantic Coast. Tornados in Oklahoma, Joplin, Tuscaloosa and throughout the Midwest. Superstorm Sandy and the destruction wrought in New Jersey and the boroughs of New […]