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Month-End Rally Keeps Phoenix Real Estate Afloat

What a final week it was; where a week ago there only were 3,100 sales logged in the Phoenix real estate market – detached homes only, data courtesy of the Arizona Regional MLS – a late rush of escrows pushed August’s final sales number to 5,057. So, instead of being the worst August in 2008, this month past only was the worst August in three years time. Last year, with about a third less inventory available, there were 5,600 and change closed sales for the month. At the same time, inventory of single family detached homes here in Maricopa County […]

So You Want to Be a Sportswriter …

As anyone who reads this website regularly knows, I write free-lance articles for AP Sports and have for the past 20-plus years. It’s easier to list what I haven’t covered – Arizona State football and the Arizona Cardinals – than to list the events I have worked, ranging from the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Coyotes and Arizona Diamondbacks to a rodeo where I discovered annoyed bulls about to be ridden pass gas when they leave the chute. All of my wife’s male co-workers, and some of the females as well, envy me because I have the opportunity to meet and talk […]

On the Fair Housing Act

On Sunday, I posed the question regarding the following statement from a craigslist housing for sale by owner ad, asking readers to spot the potential violation of the Fair Housing Act: Sunland Village is easily one the cleanest, nicest 55 and over communities in the East Valley – beautiful golf course, pools, and all the amenities one could wish for. An immaculate, safe community full of friendly, active individuals. I then posed the question on a Facebook forum inhabited largely by real estate agents; the thread is at 103 comments and counting. Before I get lost in the explanation, let me […]

“We’d Rather Give the Buyers a Better Deal”

Confession time … I troll the real estate by owner listings in craigslist, not because I happen to be in the market for a place nor because craigslist is in any way, shape or form an ideal format for serious buyers to find a place (for reasons ranging from ads that make the old four-line newspaper ads seem verbose to the sheer volume of both spam and scam all over the site) but because I’m both looking for future listings and getting a few laughs along the way. I’ve puzzled over this particular listing since I first saw it yesterday […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Now Above 11,000

So when is the opportune moment here in the Phoenix real estate market? I think it depends largely on what you’re trying to accomplish. As of this morning, there are 11,108 detached homes for sale across Maricopa County. That’s a mere pittance when you consider the county is the size of New Jersey, but it’s also a 20% rise off this summer’s lows and also means we’re about where we started the year. That’s not normal, not at the end of August. Our market tends to slow beginning with the start of school, which was a couple of weeks ago, […]

FHA Throws Lifeline to Would Be Buyers With Short Sales and Foreclosures

Yesterday, FHA announced that it was cutting the timeframes which some qualified would-be buyers who had gone through a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy would have to wait before purchasing another home. “FHA recognizes the hardships faced by these borrowers, and realizes that their credit histories may not fully reflect their true ability or propensity to repay a mortgage,” said FHA Commissioner Carol Galante, in a letter to mortgagees announcing the changes. Until the announcement, buyers would need to wait two years after completion of a bankruptcy or three years after a short sale or foreclosure before they would be […]

Life as a Hooligan

You probably don’t know this – I didn’t know it myself until last night – but I am a hooligan. At least, that’s according to one Officer James Acosta of the Phoenix P.D. and the thoroughly overwhelmed and overmatched supervisor of “nationally recognized” Reach 11 Sports Complex in north Phoenix. I’m not the only one. Heck, I’m not even a major offender – unlike other members of La Furia Roja, the eminently harmless supporters group for the professional Phoenix FC Wolves of the United Soccer Leagues, I wasn’t threatened with arrest even once, much less multiple times. Here’s the short […]

The Value of a Buyers Agent

Let’s puncture a couple of real estate myths today, shall we … Myth #1: I’ll get a better deal working directly with the listing agent There’s one obvious flaw with this train of thought – the listing agent doesn’t work for you, he or she works for the seller and is pledged to work in the sellers best interest. That best interest rarely translated into making sure the buyer gets a better deal. Every now and then these can intersect; some agents offer a discount off the seller’s commission should there not be another agent to whom a co-broke must […]

A-Rod, Ryan Braun and Willful Denial

I didn’t want to believe it. Deep down, I absolutely new Ryan Braun got caught with his hand in the PED cookie jar but, when he escaped on a technicality, heart overrode head and I willfully chose to ignore the inconvenient truth that he really had gotten caught using performance enhancing drugs. Call it a Jewish thing. Braun is one a handful of Jewish players in the majors, albeit a non-practicing one, and ever since the days of Hank Greenberg my people have taken a close interest in any major leaguer who’s meshpuchah. There’s even a website dedicated to the […]

Going Back in Time – A Saturday at Costco

Part of the Big Brother-ish back end on this website allows me to see what people search for. Someone yesterday was looking to see what kind of discount they could get purchasing through an agent sitting at a Costco roadshow. Truth be told, I don’t have the slightest idea anymore as it’s been six years. But the search gave me the chance to revisit this now six-year-old post and shake my head at the home prices. For comparison, drop to the bottom to see what 2-bedroom homes in Mountain Vista Ranch now are going for … and that’s after 18 […]