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It Happens Every Fall

That’s not how the movie title goes, I realize, but the Phoenix area’s a little bit backward in the weather department. This week, the summer weather broke once and for all. All of a sudden, residents of the Valley have emerged from their air-conditioned cocoons and are visible anew. Hiking trails are being hiked, bicycle […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Update, September 26

Let’s do something I’ve not done in a very long time and probably ought to get back to doing weekly. Below are the current inventory levels and sales over the past 30 days in most every city and town in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan real estate market. All data is provided by the Arizona Regional […]

Due Diligence, Disclosures and the Like

Interesting question came through to me yesterday … The buyer is in the midst of their inspection period and the home inspector found a crack in the post-tension slab. His opinion was it likely was cosmetic but, as all inspectors do, he suggested the crack be further evaluated by a specialist. So the buyers, in […]

“The Foreclosure Deals are Long Gone.”

Such was the lament in yesterday’s Arizona Republic, an article that gained national play through USA Today (Gannett News Service owns both.) More than 100,000 houses stood vacant across metro Phoenix barely three years ago — roughly one of every 10. Today, it’s more like one out of every 100. Where have all the empty […]

More on the State of the Phoenix Real Estate Market

Nothing brings the amateur economists out of the woodwork like word that the Phoenix real estate market is starting slow down. Yep,,,, market hit saturation point in relation to incomes. Get ready for stagnant prices for the next 5-8 years… Oh and don’t forget, when you buy a home you are virtually in the hole […]

Phoenix Real Estate Inventory Growing Exponentially

Two days ago, when discussing the state of the Phoenix market with a past client, there were about 12,500 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County. At the end of August, there were 11,613 homes for sale. As of this morning, there now are 12,709. For those who like percentages, that’s a 10 percent jump […]

What the Wisconsin Badgers Can Teach Home Sellers

Let’s set the scene … Wisconsin at Arizona State this past Saturday, Sun Devils clinging to a two-point lead thanks to some questionable play-calling from the bench, the Badgers driving easily into field-goal territory for what should be the game-winning kick. Joel Stave, the Wisconsin quarterback, takes a snap with 18 seconds remaining and runs […]

Navigating the River Greenway

This was the intersection of 67th Avenue and Greenway in Glendale about two hours ago. According to the National Weather Service, we received about a quarter-inch of rain from the thunderstorms rolling through. Seems a touch low, honestly. And this wasn’t the worst of it today … US 60 was closed in the East Valley […]

Beware the Latest Investor Scam …

Oddly enough, as all of this unraveled yesterday,  I couldn’t help but think of those sellers going it alone right now who have no idea what’s out there waiting for them in the current Phoenix real estate market. Hell, I’ve been in the business for nine years and didn’t start to become concerned until a […]

Selling a Home Through Craigslist

As I sit here through the remnants of a Vicodin haze, brought on by a near-immovable neck and sore shoulders, I decided to pan through the real estate listings in craigslist to see what progress the homesellers relying on craigslist have made. After wading through the spam of agents promoting themselves and the agent-listed homes […]