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The Return of the Remorae: Flip a House in 30 Days

The remorae and hucksters are coming back to the Phoenix area next week, promising riches in the real estate market if you attend their one-day seminar on flipping houses. Learn how you, too, can flip houses in 30 days or less at a tremendous profit. “Did you know there are people flipping houses right down […]

Now That You Waited Too Long to Sell Your Home …

… and make no mistake, we’re entering into a much different market than we’ve seen here in the Phoenix area for the past couple of years as inventory continues to rise and sales are failing to keep pace, even if the slowing in sales is as much a seasonal effect than anything else. Last week, […]

Common Sense, Trust and How Listings Really Work

Let’s start with a very basic concept. As a real estate agent, I’m in the sales business. There are some who prefer to soft sell the whole thing, say they are in service because for some reason the concept of being in sales makes them feel a little bit, I don’t know, dirty. But this […]

Goodbye, My Dear Friend and Business “Partner”

Part of me wants to say I’m at a loss for words, but the complete opposite is true. After writing about the passing of my father in March, it seems a little silly to be spending time here with tears in my eyes writing about a dog. And, if I’m required to try and keep […]

Mr. Speaker, A Quick Word Please About the Shutdown

It may seem odd for a lowly real estate agent to presume to tell the Speaker of the House what to do, Mr. Speaker, but it appears you need to be told the obvious. First, the Tea Party folks who you seem so concerned about aren’t interested in negotiating. Negotiations only can take place when […]

Gone to Texas: Home Ownership and the American Dream

As a rule, I tend to read a lot of history because it helps level the emotional extremes of the 24-hour news cycle. For example, as utterly useless our current crop of politicians – perhaps, Mr. Speaker, you should tell Senator Ted Crux the shutdown isn’t a game – it doesn’t take too much effort […]

Phoenix Real Estate September 2013 Market Report

My pardons for how quiet it’s been but I’ve spent pretty much the past week (kidney) stoned and not much in the mood to write. Since I’ve been gone, inventory has continued to soar. As of the moment, we’re at 13,844 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County – that’s an increase of 7 percent […]