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The Limits of Trulia

Much as you shouldn’t be surprised of the result if you decide to wear a meat suit into the shark tank at Sea World, you also shouldn’t be surprised at the responses that come in when you ask a question on an open forum like Trulia Voices. For every agent out there who honestly wants […]

What We Know and What We Feel

Real estate, no matter how you look at things, tends to be more art than science. It’s easy to try and draw conclusions based on what we can see in the market, such as the fact there are 16,214 detached homes for sale in Maricopa County where early in the summer there were roughly 9,000. […]

Phoenix Real Estate Market Report – October 2013

Here’s where things stand at the moment … Right now, there are 15,986 single family detached homes for sale in Maricopa County. That’s an increase of roughly 77 percent off of this year’s lows. That’s a huge jump and it doesn’t bode well for those looking to sell as there’s far more competition now than […]

State Marching Band Festivals and the Death of Arts Funding

There was a time, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and yours truly was in high school, where the marching bands used to march several score strong. Naturally, there were exceptions; my mother and I still talk about the St. David marching band, all dozen and change of them, standing under a tree after their […]