Archives for May 2014 – How Did Zach Bagans not Think of this?

Every now and then on ESPN Radio I’ll hear an ad for something called which, theoretically, tells you whether someone has died in your home. The big hook? According to the ad, only in three starts “are Realtors required to tell you if someone died in a home.” Which isn’t actually correct. If, by […]

Homes Near USAA, American Express and Discover

When I was driving around the other day, I saw a number of interesting neighborhoods in the area of Deer Valley Road and I-17. These all are newer homes and all are fairly close to three of Phoenix’s larger call centers – USAA, American Express and Discover Financial. Another such area is Dynamite Mountain Ranch, […]

Cinco de Mayo in Phoenix

Do you know what Cinco de Mayo celebrates? If not, don’t feel bad. Few people seem to. The “Battle of Puebla” took place on May 5, 1862; in this battle, less well-trained Mexican forces turned back a French force led by Napoleon III. (The photo above depicts a re-enactment in Mexico City.) Not many in […]

Say What, Mr. Listing Agent?

This week, I read one of the more remarkable sentences that I’ve seen in a near-decade in real estate. Setting the scenario, buyers make an offer on a property. When they receive the insurance claims report (a.k.a. the CLUE report), they learn there once had been a rather large water leak coming from the refrigerator […]