Archives for March 2015

The Other Side of Westgate City Center

This story begins with a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card given for the holidays and a decision to go to a different location, the somewhat newer one at the Westgate City Center in Glendale. Truth is, as many times as I’ve been to Gila River Arena for events, I rarely venture north of the fountains¬†in […]

Sylvia Allen and the Mandatory Church Firestorm

I want to hate the statement. I want to sit here and rip state Sen. Sylvia Allen to shreds for saying that a law should be passed that would make church attendance on Sunday mandatory. In fact, that’s what I was all set to do … until I watched the video and heard the actual […]

The Most Popular House for Sale in Tempe

Everynow and then a listing gets so much search engine traffic that I have to write about it. That’s the case the past few days, when several dozen people daily have come to the site specifically to see the house at 1420 W Knox Road in Tempe. What’s more amazing is that this many people […]

Glendale Keeping Foothills Library

Interesting news from the Glendale City Council last week. After some consideration, and due in great part to public comment, the city has decided not to sell and relocate the Foothills Library Branch near 55th Avenue and Union Hills. Plans had been compiled to move the library from its current building into existing space in […]

Laveen Real Estate and Vee Quiva – Defying the Odds

Last summer I wrote about Vee Quiva Hotel and Casino, south of Laveen on the Gila River Indian Reservation. The repeating theme of the post was that it was, well, Vee Quiva. Which is to say, quirky. It’s also become the favorite of my wife and I. Granted, if we want really fuzzy rum drinks […]

Jealousy in Fletcher Heights

What you see above is what jealousy looks like. That is the walking path through the greenbelt in Peoria’s Fletcher Heights subdivision. It starts just south of Frontier Elementary School and cuts south, with branches that take you to a shopping center at 83rd Avenue and Lake Pleasant Parkway (try the shrimp burrito at Ramiro’s) […]

A Mystery in Litchfield Park

What you see above is the least expensive home on the market in Litchfield Park, Arizona. It has been on the market for about a month and, while we’ve had some showings, it hasn’t sold yet. Thus the mystery. Okay, it may not entirely be a mystery. We weren’t able to get photographs of the […]

The Problem With Truth

Ask most people what their number one negative perception of real estate agents might be and the answer almost always come back to the question of honesty.¬†We, as a profession, tend to work on commission, so the assumption goes that we will say or do almost anything to make sure a deal gets done and […]