Archives for August 2016

Renovations are Underway

As mentioned briefly a week or so ago, we’re undergoing some renovations here at All Phoenix Real Estate. And like most renovation projects, there may be some dust here that hides the functionality still here. The Phoenix real estate and homes search is working as well as ever, though it’s got a different look to […]

Five Things to Watch for at a Phoenix Home Inspection

After a contract has been signed, a buyer has 10 days to complete any inspections they want on a home in the Phoenix real estate market, assuming the boilerplate hasn’t been amended. Inevitably, a home inspector will find a number of items that may need some additional attention. Ultimately it’s up to a buyer, with […]

Changing the Searches Once Again

There will be a bit of construction coming on site as I transition away from Diverse Solutions in favor of a listings solution to be determined. Basic reality is that in this day and age, it shouldn’t be too much to expect to get a response to a phone message or e-mail within a week […]