A Coat in Phoenix?

avatar.jpgYesterday we had the lowest low temperature in Phoenix since December 23, 1990 – one day after a certain Realtor with a remarkably cute beagle graduated from Arizona State University. (Graduation day is a surreal enough experience. Then throw in 28-degree weather and snow flurries outside the University Activity Center in the middle of Tempe Arizona. Surreal doesn’t begin to describe the experience.)

Runners in yesterday’s Rock N Roll Marathon were universal in their consternation about the weather, the most typical line heard being a variant of “it’s warmer (fill in the blank of the city you’re from) than it is here!”

I’ve often joked that we absolutely have winter in Phoenix. Last year it fell on a Tuesday. Not so this year. Sadly, it’s still been a mostly dry winter – some rain to go with the cold (and snow up north) would be of definite benefit.

Dry or not, though, winter has arrived in full force. My son’s soccer game Saturday afternoon was played in 49 degree weather and icy breezes and under gray skies. My daughter sold more Girl Scout cookies than I expected and I believe that sympathy played a role, given the weather in which we were out.

We will receive no sympathy from much of the country, I realize. Not with ice storms in the midwest and high waves battering the California coast.

But should you decide to visit the Phoenix area, or if you decide you want to move in spite of our current Ice Age, it’s worth investing in a coat. It might be in mothballs for years at a time, but it’s good to have just in case.

Jonathan Dalton

Jonathan Dalton is a 40-plus-year resident of the Valley and has been helping folks buy and sell homes since 2004. He can be reached at 602-502-9693 or info at allphoenixrealestate.com.


  • University Update 11 years ago

    A Coat in Phoenix?…

  • Dave Smith 11 years ago

    You go to school for how many years, classes, papers, etc. etc. Finally graduation day comes, you write a post about finally graduating from ASU and the only comment you get is “A Coat in Phoenix?…”


    Congratulations on getting your degree, I know you already have one from the school of hard knocks. Glad you now have one you can hang on the wall.

    Tobey must be very proud.

  • Jonathan Dalton 11 years ago

    It did happen a while ago … maybe that was the cause for the quiet. Or maybe this recent local emphasis is boring the hell out of my readers.

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