A Dog Blog? Tobey is jealous …

avatar.jpgDavid Reed, a veteran mortgage banker and also an author, wrote a column today that says blogs don’t work anymore. His basic premise … if you don’t have a blog already and someone is telling you that you need one, it’s probably too late.

In some ways this dovetails nicely into my earlier post about the rush for “Real Estate 2.0” and all that it entails. But I do disagree only in as much as having a blog and having a blog with the slightest utility are two very different things. For all of the discussion of blogging, I still can count the real estate bloggers of any influence here in the Phoenix area on one hand.

Unlike compiling a real estate website (a phenomenon still beyond the reach of many agents), a blog requires a modicum of actual skill … if you can’t write, if you can’t communicate, it’s highly unlikely your blog will be of any worth.
Like almost anything Internet related, there is a process of separating the wheat from the chafe. We certainly hope we fall into the former and not the latter – we’re fairly certain that we do. Those who do so and agree with our assessment may end up as our future clients; those who do not probably weren’t a good match yesterday.

In any event, Tobey takes over for the day tomorrow … just another dog with a blog.

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