About 90 Day Delinquency Tracking Numbers

Thank you to a good friend for the information:

There are two ways to track delinquency. First, as you guessed, the three credit bureaus compile and publish proprietary summary reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires a permissible purpose (such as a loan application) to buy a credit report for an individual, but not for the summary data. Second, over 60% of mortgages are securitized, and the data on those securities are published so that the mortgage bonds and derivatives can be valued and traded. Companies like CoreLogic and LPS  track the loan-level data and extrapolate to the rest of the industry.

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Oh, by the way … sitting at 8,067 detached homes for sale as of the moment, a net gain of 63 since we nearly fell through the 8,000-mark earlier this week.

Jonathan Dalton

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