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It’s hard to say how many times I’ve drive down Jefferson on my way to the US Airways Center or Chase Field, looked to my right as I approached Central Avenue, saw the patio for the Arrogant Butcher and decide that it looked like a great place to go for a special occasion.

That occasion happened to be my wife and my 10-year wedding anniversary on Thursday.

Except that we had a big lunch at Vee Quiva, where we were staying, got downtown later than intended, walked six blocks from the Comerica Theater parking garage and had neither reservations nor time to wait.

So we went to Yogurtime.

10494527_10152600634018361_4701580085059148895_nWe did, however, return to the Arrogant Butcher on Friday night and sat between a group who had just moved to the Valley (and thought the basketball arena was the baseball stadium) and a couple clearly on their first date, as judged by the awkward, male-dominated conversation (as opposed to our 10-year-married, non-awkward male-dominated conversation that dealt in detail with the couple on their first date.

Anyways …

We started off with two rather expensive but pleasantly potent cocktails; my double Malibu on the rocks was only two dollars less than the entire bottle I bought at Costco yesterday, but I digress.

We also ordered the pretzel rolls and provolone fondue (which the first date couple was ignoring on their own table – further proof it was a first date, in that he wasn’t investing in more than an appetizer.) HUGE fan of this and, from the response on my Facebook page, this truly is one of the most popular items.

Of course, it’s an appetizer … we’ll come back to that.

Throw in some marinated olives and we were off in rolling.

Fresh of my po’ boy adventures and the crab bisque at Vee Quiva, I decided to continue the roll with the king crab cioppino. Which in and of itself was a good choice. Crab, mussels, shrimp, good pasta … but also a red sauce, which was appropriate as this was an Italian stew/soup. And I generally don’t like stews or soups.

In other words, good entree but not necessarily my best personal choice.

Spouse, however, ordered the filet. And this was in a word, unbelievable. Seasoned wonderfully, cooked perfectly and just melt-in-your-mouth (and give-me-your-entree) goodness.

Dessert (happily complimentary for the anniversary) was a salted caramel pudding that was creamy enough to pass as a custard. Again, absolutely worth it.

For all of that, though …

The Arrogant Butcher is pricey – don’t believe the $$ you see online as it’s more than that. The steak’s incredible, easily better than a pedestrian Black Angus at the same price but not necessarily worth double what you get at a chain like Outback Steakhouse or Texas Roadhouse (because, you know, I’m high class like that.)

But for a special night out, it’s worth the trip.

* * *

Speaking of the trip … the Arrogant Butcher is one of several eateries at the retail center known as Cityscape, running diagonally north and west from Central and Jefferson. There’s the sushi bar Squid Ink, a Tilted Kilt, Stand Up Live Comedy Club and a number of other smaller chain restaurants. In the summer, there’s even an inflatable surfing tube – the Flowrider (no word on whether the club can handle me right now.)

Now, since this is a real estate site, I’d be remiss not to mention what’s in the area.

Above the Hotel Palomar are the Cityscape Residences rising 24 stories. These all are rentals, albeit with some ludicrous amenities.

There also are a number of loft communities right in the area. We’ve talked at the Summit at Cooper Square in the past. Some homes for sale there, and just northwest of Cityscape at the Orpheum Lots, are listed below. Questions? Call me at 602-502-9693 or click the Contact Me tab.

[idx-listings tract=”Orpheum Lofts” statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”282″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”5″] [idx-listings community=”Summit At Copper Square” statuses=”1″ propertytypes=”282″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”5″]

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