Arizona Road Trip to Find the Woods

Jonathan Dalton, Phoenix Real Estate AgentWe left the Phoenix area yesterday around noon in search of woods – more specifically, the woods surrounding the summer camp to which we may be sending our son in July. One of the oft-unheralded features of Phoenix and Arizona is the incredible change in topography and vegetation that takes place in a relatively short amount of time.

Less than an hour outside Phoenix you start to wind through the mountains as you rise a couple of thousand feet in elevation.

As you get closer to the top of the climb, the many mesas between Phoenix and northern Arizona begin to become visible. (Mesa, incidentally, is so named because it’s elevated from the land to the north. Drive north on Country Club Drive from Loop 202 and you’ll see what I mean.)

At the rest area formerly known as Sunset Point (closed for renovations, of course), you plateau and the landscape ahead flattens out …

Off on Route 69 west through Prescott Valley and then into Prescott, which looks mostly non-descript until you reach the corner of Montezuma and Gurley – site of the Yavapai County Courthouse and historic Whiskey Row.

Whiskey Row’s been in existence since the mid- to late-1800s but the buildings you see today are closer to 90 years old, as fire wiped away the originals.

A few miles later, down a winding road and a dirt path, you reach the camp in the woods. And it’s here you discover the creek that normally isn’t … all of the counselors maintained they never had seen water in this dry creek bed until yesterday.

Total time of the trip, including dinner at The Palace Saloon (where the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday played poker 130 years ago) … six hours door-to-door.

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Jonathan Dalton

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  • Chris Shouse 10 years ago

    Wonderful post and the photos are terrific I felt as if I were driving right along with you.